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  1. Akai Headrush V2 Behringer Bass Chorus Behringer Bass EQ Behringer Bass Limiter/Enhancer Behringer Bass Overdrive Behringer Super Fuzz Behringer Vintage Delay Blackstar HT-DUAL Boss CH-1 Boss DD-3 Boss DS-1 (x3) Boss HM-2 Boss ME-50 Boss TU-2 Danelectro Black Coffee Metal Distortion Danelectro Cool Cat Trem Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ Danelectro Psycho-Flange Digitech Bad Monkey Digitech Hyper Phase Digitech Synth Wah DOD FX-60 Chorus EHX Big Muff USA EHX Memory Boy EHX Small Clone EHX Stereo Pulsar Ibanez Fat Cat Ibanez TS-7 Ibanez TS-9 Line 6 Verbzilla MXR Carbon Copy Rocktron Zombie Rectifier Distortion Vox 4847 Wah
  2. Ridiculously intoxicated rig rundown, including sly 'transparent fuzz' jibe: Rough as {censored} demo of it in action yesterday at the first ever rehearsal of my new band, sans the Bassman: http://tindeck.com/listen/fbdm
  3. I'm getting married next month, so I need funds for wedding stuff so I can put on the best shindig ever for my nearest and dearest. As such, make me cash offers for:
  4. Aidy checking in. {censored}ing itchy. Anyone got a cotton bud? That'd feel really {censored}ing good right now.
  5. Regent Sounds and Wunjos on Denmark Street both carry them. Don't expect prices cheaper than the interwebs, although Wunjos always cut me a very good deal. Nice chaps in there, too. There's also no shops in that part of East London besides dubious fried chicken joints and burkha shops.
  6. AidyCM checking in; neither dead or on heroin.
  7. I love TS overdrives with a tele and a fender amp, but virtually any other combo doesn't work for me. Damn that mid hump! I used one as my primary dirt with a tele and a bassman for a while and after a Big Muff to bring back some of the lost mids. Brilliant combination.
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