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I want my tone but more growl and snarl

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    way huge fat sandwich? A clean boost will do it too especially if it doesn't attenuate the bass end. Also play harder and with more attitude.
    Originally Posted by telephant

    Tone is really half the argument. We both know ultimately it means nothing. Write a song. Write. A ****************ing. Song.

    UK based band;


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      Some pedal you'd never expect, with none of the knobs set in the middle.

      RP155 in the effects loop, AMP=DI, CAB=4x12 vintage 30 (was it VT?). I don't understand why it would be good to use a V30 emu in series with actual V30s, but it added a certain growl and snarl on my rig. Probably could just use an EQ, to do the same thing, but then you'd know what it was doing


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        If your amp is perfect :rollyeyes: then you are looking for something that comes from 3 other sources:

        Change them. It's you, not the amp.

        Try a heavier stringset
        go for a less-dark-n-ugly pickup
        introduce a bit of pick dynamics....no, use MOAR of it.

        53000 posts may be a clue. The woodshed is out back, junior.

        oh, then there's this:

        Blind Doc Jones' Pickles....Cures What Ails Ya


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          way huge fat sandwich? A clean boost will do it too especially if it doesn't attenuate the bass end. Also play harder and with more attitude.

          I would have said angry troll myself.


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            Octave pedal. Blend in a lower octave until it pleases your ears.
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              Maybe swap some of the speakers in your cab.

              Why don't you post a clip of your tone and a clip of how you want it to sound?

              At the very least a clip of what you want.


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                Boost your high mids
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                  Go dual-amp, maybe. Team up a bass amp with the guitar amp and dial the EQ on each to your goal.
                  - ChadEndorsing Artist: Cave Passive Pedals


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                    I would have said angry troll myself.

                    Actually posting that has made me want one myself, seriously "your amp, but meaner" is exactly what its marketed as.


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                      Not sure if trolling, but if you like you tone but want more I can think of 2 solutions:

                      1) back your guitar volume down to 8 or 9, increase amp settings to make it sound like it was originally when they were at 10. Roll up volume as needed to snarl and bite

                      2) a slight boost, overdrive, eq that has a clean blend. Run the blend at 80% clean signal and it will let the amp come through and add that little extra with 20% pedal. Voodoo labs sparkle drive might be a good choice.
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                        i can understand the strat being weak in the growl and snarl area, but the les paul? how is your amp dialed in?


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                          kinda thinking this too.
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                            cusack more louder?
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                              Originally Posted by Inspector 71

                              I'm only framus in my own mine.

                              Originally Posted by riff ie

                              black hole complementarity, or, you won't feel a thing

                              Originally Posted by christianatl

                              I plan on riding my ****************sled through the ******************** apocalypse.


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                                MXR Distortion+ or Whirlwind Gold Box
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