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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 5-28-12

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    Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro - $300
    TC Electronics G Major - $200
    Monster PRO2500 Power Conditioner - $120

    Buy all 3 for $550 and get a 4 space rack with it. I will also include a MIDI cable to hook up the Ground Control and the G Major, as well as a TRS Y Cable for using the G Major relay out for switching amp channels.
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      Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian fuzz - $150 shipped and PP'd
      -Mint, comes with box and warranty

      Paul C. TIM overdrive - $175 shipped and PP'd
      -Nick in the paint by the on/off switch, otherwise mint. Comes with box.

      Xotic EP Booster - $100 shipped and PP'd
      -Mint, comes with box and instructions

      20 George L's right angle plugs and cable - $95 shipped and PP'd
      -Almost 8 feet of unused cable, and at least another couple of feet already made into patch cables.

      2 One-Spot power supplies - $15 each shipped and PP'd
      - Each unit comes with a 5 pedal daisy chain

      Not looking for trades at the moment as I'm downsizing. Thanks!
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        Selling 3 Eventide pedals - Pitchfactor, Space, and Timefactor. All pedals have power supply; Space and Timefactor are mint with box; Pitchfactor comes with aux pedal. Got an Eclipse so no longer need these pedals.

        Only interested in trades towards Moog pedals (except the Freqbox) or a G Major.

        Prices are for Paypal gift and shipped to US or Canada.
        Pitchfactor - $375
        Space - $400
        Timefactor - $300


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          Looking to sell a DOD FX-17 volume/wah pedal. $50 shipped or I'd be willing to do a trade/partial trade for an EB volume pedal or possibly some sort of EQ.
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            Boss OC-3. $60 shipped/paypal. Will get pics up later.

            Also may be putting my Ghost Disaster up as well...
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            <div class="message">meh. more fuzz and dist</div>

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              2x Canare GS-4 6" patch cables with neutrik ends - 12$ shipped for both

              2x Canare GS-4 10" patch cables with neutrik ends r/a to straight - 12$ shipped for both

              Monster performer 500 12" patch cable - 8$ shipped

              Monopro 12" TRS patch cable - 8$ shipped

              Pedaltrain Mini w/ Softcase - 45$ shipped or trade towards a PT JR / 1 / 2
              Has soft side velcro attached and has no damage to the body, I need a bigger board for my bass pedals so i would mainly like to trade this towards a bigger Pedaltrain board.
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              <img src="images/misc/quote_icon.png" alt="Quote" /> Originally Posted by <strong>Beasleyboy</strong>

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                Hardwire RV-7. Mint condish. Comes with box, manual, and knobguard $75

                Also, I'd really like to trade this + my Pedaltrain PT-1 with Hardcase, for a PT-2 with hardcase. The PT-1 is in great shape. Never drilled the frame to fit the power supply brackets, but have the brackets and hardware. The case is structurally perfect, but aesthetically, she's got a few scratches from gig travel/loading/unloading. Get at me.
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                  WTB: FOXROX OCTRON
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                    [COLOR="red"]FS/T: Some Pedals and Stuff

                    Boss CS-3 - $55 shipped - Mint, no box. Compresses things in an adequate fashion.

                    EHX Holy Stain - $80 shipped - Mint, with box. Dirt/fuzz/clean, two useful reverbs, a vibrato and a pitch shifter. Lots of weird noises in this one, and true bypass to boot.

                    Boss DD-3 - $80 shipped - Mint, no box. Makes echo sounds, not sure what the whole 'delay' thing is about.

                    EHX Holy Grail Nano - $100 shipped - Mint w/ box and power supply. Been dragging my feet on selling this one, but bills need to be paid and stuff.

                    [COLOR="red"]Danelectro DC-3 - $325 shipped CONUS

                    Hi! First up on the block is my Danelectro DC-3, finished in a beautiful sparkle teal/blue-green. Hardly something you could call subtle, but it sure looks good under the stage lights. Either way, the hollow body is very light and resonant at 6.29 lbs, and the pickups and 7-way switching allow for all kinds of sounds - cop any tone from Strat to Tele to classic Danelectro twang. Unlike lesser models, this one comes factory stock with an upgraded six-saddle bridge and Gotoh tuners. The guitar plays excellent, of course, and is currently strung with a .011 gauge set of flatwound D'Addarios. Comes with a gig bag as well; the whole package is mint, save for one 1/4" crack in the pickguard.

                    Anyway, that's about it for the schtick. You're also welcome to look at more photos of the Dano here. Prices are OBO within reason, and while I'll consider trades, cash is indeed king. I'm glad to answer any questions, provide more pictures, give references or a phone number, pretty much anything to put a potential buyer at ease. Just feel free to message me, and we'll go from there. Thanks for looking!

                    I'm in a band called Little Sluggers. Signature.


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                      Want to Trade

                      Gibson 57 Classic + / 57 Classic pickup set in gold. No tarnishing, only installed once. Had them in just a few months.

                      Currently installed in my les paul.

                      My music has changed a bit and these aren't fitting the bill quite right. They're the best pickups gibson makes though.

                      Looking for a JB/Jazz or custom5/ 59 set in gold covers.

                      Please PM Me if you'd like to do a straight trade.
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                        I'm looking to part with a few of my personal builds that I've been holding on to for a while. Most have gone and will go unused in my collection for the foreseeable future so I figure it's time to pass them along to someone else. All of them are in brand new condition, made using top quality parts, professionally powdercoated enclosures, Neutrik Jacks, and made to the highest standards. I have gutshots of all of them if requested.

                        Here's what I've got (from left to right):

                        Sea Blue EQ Clone - Very natural sounding EQ pedal that works well as a boost/overdrive as well. Doesn't take control of your tone so much as it accompanies it, very pleasant sounding. $105

                        Hot Cake Clone
                        - Pair this with an AC style amp and you'll be in heaven. Killer OD $105

                        Tap Tempo Tremolo - MusicPCB.com Tap Tempo Tremolo designed by Taylor Livingston of Iron Ether fame. This trem does it ALL with tap tempo and a multiplier footswitch. It has 8 different waveforms available and the LED pulses in time with the rate/depth. $155

                        Fuzz Factory Clone - I've had this one the longest because it flat out sounds badass. Made using a Madbean PCB and includes a pair of NOS Germanium Transistors. $105

                        Prices are shipped CONUS/paypal gifted OR I'll entertain trades. PM me with trade offers.
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                        <a href="http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showpost.php?p=30677316&amp;postcount=194" target="_blank"><b>List of Positive Transactions</b></a></div>


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                          [COLOR="blue"]New for the here and now?

                          Tornita! KS (kitchen sink)
                          Warm, articulate, scary, beautiful, singing, endless sustain, velocity, mayhem, random arpeggiating, air raid sirens, chunk, low octaves, and some of the best lead tones ever heard.

                          switches both first and second tranny's (not diodes) independantly giving 4 combonations:

                          Si > Ge hybrid
                          Ge > Si hybrid
                          Ge > Ge

                          Loose / tight switch, 3 way presence, feedback phase switch, bias and plenty of volume on tap, Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y

                          Available at PGS, Musictoyz, Prymax etc...from J.Rockett/Trombetta designs

                          150 days lead, 25% down

                          direct contact anytime: hihowyadoin@msn.com
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                          <img src="images/misc/quote_icon.png" alt="Quote" /> Originally Posted by <strong>six acre lake</strong>
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                          <div class="message">Just don't give a **************** and get a three year old to make it look retarded like the Trombetta stuff.</div>

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                          <br />
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                            For sale:

                            -Boss DM-2 Analog Delay in good working condition. It is just back from Keeley with a fresh alignment and modification to work with PSA power supplies. There are two holes a previous owner drilled in the bottom. $175 shipped

                            -Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face like new in box $200 shipped

                            -MXR Classic Overdrive like new in box $60 shipped


                            • #59

                              Maxon AD999 Vintage Reissue 900ms analog delay - 200$
                              Zvex Wah Probe, hand painted series - 200$


                              Komplete 8 Bundle - 350$ (Literally New)
                              Ableton Live 8 - 350$ (^^)

                              Recording Interfaces:

                              Mbox Mini with Pro Tools Express - 150$
                              M-Audio Fast Track Pro - 100$

                              Everything at 100% condition. I'll send pictures to everyone who's seriously interested.
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                                Prices include PP & shipping USPS in the continuous US.
                                Danelectro Hash Brown Flanger - NIB - $20
                                Danelectro PB&J Delay - $40
                                Danelectro BLT Slap Echo - $20
                                Danelectro Chicken Salad Vibe - $30
                                Danelectro French Toast Octave Distortion - $20

                                Boss Metal Zone MT-2 - $40
                                BBE Green Screamer - $55
                                MXR Classic Distortion - $45
                                Seymour Duncan Deja Vu - $145

                                Trade offers welcome.