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    WTB: Pedaltrain Nano or Mini

    Diago Showman Pedalboard


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      For sale

      BAT Pharaoh -
      Good deals with: rellim, AF-100, Mind_Riot89, metareal, mutbrain, Moltisanti, woolyh, Kid_A, Raisinhat, uncle psychosis, Bodge, steinwand, Snufkino x2, HeartfeltDawn x2, Tengo, Red_Riviera, SG1, T3, Lanefair x2, Loobs, Metareal & ChuckNorris1982


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        Yamaha MFC10 midi pedal for sale. Loads of features to control your amps or fx. Full information here:


        Its over


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          MI Audio Tube Zone v4 - 135
          good deals: maracox, stevics, whoismilan


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            Epiphone LP Custom 50th anniversary model is for sale. Similar to the normal one but has upgraded tuners and pickups. Will include the Stagg hard case, Schaller strap locks and GraphTech String Saver saddles. Great condition but I have had it for about 7 years so its accumulated some dings and buckle rash/scratches. I'm only selling as I never really play it any more and the money could go toward something useful like a bass (speaking of which, I'm up for trades!)

            Shotgun Royale



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              i've got a DD-20 i wouldn't mind trading for any of the below, with cash top-ups on either side if necessary.

              - Tech 21 Boost RVB (with trails)
              - Red Witch Moon Phaser
              - Digitech TimeBender
              - EHX SuperEgo
              - probably lots more besides.. so please make offers on 'decent' reverb, delays and phasers. got drives covered thanks.

              also, check back for a monumental pedal purge coming in the next few days.
              Youtube Pedal Vids
              For Sale: (including special delivery in UK)
              ToneFactor Nebular - £40
              Line 6 RotoMachine - £46
              Good deals: Sikor, daysofspeed, joeyowen, melx, WAWbanks, Vince, woolyh, HeartfeltDawn, messiah, T3, dangerous dan, starsteam, Netstar, gae86, theboywho, Mike_Muse_Rage, SG-1, kpd78, AJ Nash, Vintage_freak, percyexpat


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                EHX Holy Grail anyone? With power supply, no box, velcro -


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                  Looking for:

                  Cioks DC10
                  Vox DelayLab
                  AMT Japanese Girl wah
                  Good deals: WAWBanks, AimmarCair, MPH, Eshu, AidyCM, Daysofspeed, Arcaneaether, ChuckNorris1982, Snufkino x2, Sikor, Jakkeh, Aksman, Messiah, Barnaby Hardly, Raelm (eBay), Ex-Cowboy, Zoidberg (eBay), MaximusBassMan, SG1, The P-ManBlogMusicFormerly known as Mike_Muse_Rage


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                    Looking for: A cheap tremolo (Tuna melt or Joyo or something)


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                      Red Witch Fuzz God II[INDENT]


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                        Payment by Paypal, all prices include U.K postage, please feel free to make offers, also open to trades, looking for EHX Holy Grail and a Mustang bridge.

                        Marshall Regenerator - Velcro on base, boxed -
                        Gibson Les Paul Standard (Black)
                        Fender Classic Players 50 Strat
                        Fender Roadhouse Strat
                        Fender John Mayer LTD Strat (Cypress Mica)
                        Fender Telecaster (MIJ)
                        JJ Jewel Special (Gold-Top)
                        JJ Retro Lux
                        JJ Retro
                        Epiphone Sheraton


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                          Epiphone flying v- MIK, really nice playing and sounding guitar. Very good condition, there are the two chips pictured, plus a hairline crack at the heel, this roughly follows the glued in neck line, it appears to be only paint thickness, my guess is the glue dried a bit more under the paint. There has been no problems with tuning on this guitar so i am assuming it is only cosmetic. The knobs were changed to white speed knobs. Included in the sale is the case, a spider hard case. Together these both cost me


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                            One of these, not seen much use and pretty much redundant since I bought a macbook for on the go recording.

                            Excellent condition but I've managed to loose the box and manual in a house move, the manual and software are available here and I will sort out a print out of the manual to be included.

                            Does include a 2gb micro SD card.

                            Ex-demo ones seem to go for about


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                              I'm looking for a small synth...a Micron or something like that.

                              Also selling a Korg Triton Classic
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