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  1. I'm a bit bored of my Hayseed 15 (Vox AC15 clone with EF86), and I fancy a change. I quite fancy a JCM800 combo - I've heard they take pedals very well and will dirty up nicely. Whaddaya reckon? Should I do it, or should I stick with the Hayseed?
  2. Set of Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Tele pickups.
  3. Optical drives will soon be about as frequently used as a 8" floppy disk. When they were new, I burned disks like mad - for test pressings, masters, rough mixes, etc. Also for data file transfers and backups. Thankfully I don't have to mess with them nearly as often anymore - only occasionally. Backups are faster on other drives. Sneakernet file transfers between non-networked machines can be done more efficiently with thumb drives, and most computers are networked, or at least have Internet access, which facilitates file transfers, as well as cloud storage, backups, etc. Most people buy programs online, and even if you wanted to buy the physical program in a local store, you could just as easily install it from a thumb drive that comes in the box, or open the box, pull out a card with a internet address and purchase code, go online and install it via that. There's lots of options, and fewer and fewer people are using the CD/DVD drives. It may not be quite time to completely kill them off yet, but the day is fast approaching... That may be so, but I like physically owning a CD, and putting it into my machine to rip. I don't like purchasing digital albums, especially not from iTunes, which is odd as I have an iPhone sat next to me, an iMac at home and am "working" on a MBP.
  4. I think it's absolute madness that they've dropped the optical drive from the iMacs. As has been mentioned before, thinness and lightness are desirable aspects in a laptop. I don't give a {censored} how heavy or fat my iMac is. I just want it to work
  5. One of the nicest guys I ever designed a book cover for! From his twitter it sounds like he's had a few health issues recently so maybe that was what prompted the break from music.
  6. Hell yeah! I'm not normally a fan, but that one looks very tasty!
  7. Looking for a tonebender type fuzz. Whatcha got?
  8. If I'm honest, I think the people who have the most success in building pedals for a living, are those who have a crazy amount of electrical engineering knowledge. The ones who can see a resistor, capacitor or diode from 20 paces and tell you everything about it and what it would do to the circuit they are building. I'm all for people learning new things, but it just seems they have such an unfair advantage over the rest of us mere mortals that it would be daft to try unless you had that sort of knowledge as second nature.
  9. It would have been impossible for Armstrong to win if he wasn't doping. The rest of the top five, in every year he won, have been convicted of doping or have a huge amount of evidence against them. EPO gives you a 15% advantage which is the difference between a 2:05 marathon and a 2:14 marathon. Can you imagine what that is in cycling terms? There's no way Lance won riding clean, besides you cannot climb at 6.4watts/kg (Lance on Alp Duez) - it's just not physiologically possible.
  10. Yup, totally humbling - sure, they'd had a few practices on their own, but they just nailed it. Made us sound like sloppy amateurs. I think the whole thing is being recorded/filmed live, so I might even be able to post clips at some point! Fantastic. I got to play with a quartet once for a recording session - they from the Paris Opera, me on a cheap bass I'd borrowed the night before . Man they were astonishing. Came in chatting and finishing cigarettes, sat down never having seen the music before, and then played like their lives were ending. Rarely can I use the word awesome with its proper meaning. Awesome.
  11. Ha, cheers dude. Best quote of the evening came from the other guitarist who said "it's like being in Elbow innit". Brilliant! very cool story, bro
  12. I was asked recently to put together a band to play a few covers at an event coming up in September, and after a bit of back and forth with the organisers we ended up with a list of about 4 songs. The event is a celebration of an 18 year old guy called Michael Knight who died in his sleep 3 years ago, so all the songs are special to him (were on his iPod etc), and to cut a long story short, we've got a 6 piece string section joining us to play this: [video=youtube;snCtflCyjHs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snCtflCyjHs We've been rehearsing on our own for a while, but tonight was the first time the string musicians joined us, and it sounded AMAZING. Quite possibly the highlight of my (limited) musical career. The keys player and I just grinned at each other like idiots the whole way through! TL/DR? Playing with a 6 piece string section rocks
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