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  1. HMV is {censored}ing balls. I ordered it a good 3 years in advance and it still ain't shipped yet
  2. get any clean boost pedal, play with it on most of the time, then click it off when you want a cleaner/lower volume part. Yeah surely this, it'll stop any treble bleed from lowering the volume.
  3. Apparently he gave an interview in 2011 so I guess he is still alive and making amps, hooray
  4. Just writing this made me get the book from the shelf. It is not signed by him, it says "Promotion copy, not for sale" and someone wrote "Giveaway" underneath. It also says on page 2: All rights reserved, may not be reproduced, bla bla. The minimum copyright penalty charge will be 50.000
  5. Guess that applies to the company and the man himself. The Wiki tells me nothing so are Dumble amps actually still being made and is Alexander Dumble AKA the big crystal lettuce still alive? There's so much mystique surrounding the Dumble universe
  6. EHX Big Muffs - I think they were made in 1978 as it's printed on the pots but I can't be 100%, both are the OP-AMP IC version with the Tone Bypass switch, these sound huge compared to standard Muffs! Both have been professionally modded for true bypass (you'll know why if you've used one before ) and LED bypass indicators which aren't usually found on the vintage Big Muffs. Cash or trade offers (not interested in boutique dirt pedals -_-) Also looking to buy a Blackout Effectors Whetstone V2 if anyone is selling. FYI I live in the UK which isn't in America ;p
  7. Pedals are a bit dusty in the photos :] Marshall Bluesbreaker - Made in England version complete with box and manual, very transparent sounding overdrive, nice clarity and keeps your amp and guitars character intact, works ace with my Strat and Tele into a Marshall. Boss FW-3 Foot Wah - Not the usual sounding wah pedal, more envelope filter than classic inductor wah sounds. Boss FV-300H - Industry standard volume pedal (a decade ago at least ) Boss HM-3 Hyper Metal - Old distortion pedal now discontinued, better than the digital distortion pedals Boss make these days IMO, comes with box and manual. Ibanez Lo-Fi - Discontinued distortion/EQ pedal, interesting dirt pedal with extreme EQ settings to give it a 'lo-fi' sound. GFS Surf 90s - complete neck and bridge set. I'm in the UK but will ship anywhere in the world and cheaply. Open to cash offers or pedal trades, will update page later with prices and trade interests.
  8. Haha fart van'd Scamming people makes you fat, fact
  9. T3 Jbrazz Clemetwave That about rounds up HCFX's biggest scum bags in one thread.
  10. More importantly why is there a fat chick behind him wearing a superhero mask?
  11. Are all the Squier Vistas MIJ?
  12. "Do you always have to shave twice a day?" "Yes, of course, because all the best people shave twice a day." And no one got this, for shame I thought it was a classic
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