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  1. Guess that applies to the company and the man himself. The Wiki tells me nothing so are Dumble amps actually still being made and is Alexander Dumble AKA the big crystal lettuce still alive? There's so much mystique surrounding the Dumble universe
  2. What's out there in terms of replacement pickups for a reissue Casino and has anyone replaced theirs? I can't find many dog-ear style P-90s but there are tons of soap bar P-90s about, is it possible to remove them from the cover and place them in the dog ear covers?
  3. My Casino is currently on ebay and I've just found out it was built in Korea rather than China, would this add anymore value to it?
  4. I'm not too familiar with most Epiphone models but I played one of the new Riviera's (MIC) and was kinda disappointed with it compared to an older 2001 Korean Riviera I've used, are the Korean made ones better in general or do the Chinese current production ones do the job just as good? Mainly looking at Dots, Sheratons and Casinos.
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