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  1. Originally Posted by orangesix Darcy rarely looked good. Not even on the see through t-shirt tour!? Auf Der Maur was foxy as {censored} though
  2. Man or Astro-man? Lots and lots of Man or Astro-man?, for two days straight...
  3. Originally Posted by Kimme Apple decided that burning CDs is no longer necessary. I think they've decided CDs are no longer necessary because my Macbook Pro and my friends Macbook Air don't even have CD drives
  4. I thought HC was going to end last night the time it was taking to load anything
  5. Just a quick one for camera dudes, would not having interchangeable lenses be a big deal in the long term? Like I'm a noob now but I'm dropping a lot of money on the camera so I want it to last a good 5+ years so it'll be a bummer if I have to upgrade if I really get into it or are expensive lenses and upgrades really more the reserve of professionals rather than amateurs?
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