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  1. For a clean sound, it's superb. For use with dirt and overdrive pedals, it's superb. Any type of modulation pedal goes great with it. Can you tell I'm a fan? Some might say it's expensive at nearly ¿¿900. True. It isn't cheap like those hideous Vox CC amps. What you get is something that really does last. The build quality is superb, the amp sounds brilliant and you know that it's made by a builder who backs up his work with superb service. I've had so many poorly made amps die on me, principally Vox amps, and it gets frustrating to either dump them out on Ebay parted out for someone else to play with (and sometimes it is most cost effective to do this rather than to pay for repairs) or to get it couriered out for repairs. In short, it's a great amp built by a top amp builder, and my experience with Cornell so far are making me think long and hard about ordering a Plexi 18/20 head now
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