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  1. If I can get the energy together to go and collect it one of these, does it count if you are buying your own presents?
  2. Never noticed anything like that, but my ears are not that super so who knows.
  3. Been using a tremulus lune for years and years, it can do most of the sounds I'm after but can take a bit of dialling in. Any of you guys try the minifooger moog trem? I'm kind of tempted even though I don't need it.
  4. Got two new fuzz pedals on the way. A Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx reissue and a pigeon effects FY-2 They will be the second and third pedals I've purchased this year (been selling mostly, down to bare bones) so I'm superhypermegaultra looking forward to getting my old school dirts on.
  5. A EHX memory man hazarai can be pretty good for such things, lots of classic and a bit more out there sounds. Also worth looking in to is getting a Boss HM2 rather than a big muff, lots of people go for that. The newer stereo electric mistress is pretty cool and wont cost much used or the ibanez fl9 is kind of groovy and again can be got for not allot sometimes.
  6. That's actually pretty cool and also a pretty dang awesome setup. I would have kept the trifect in orange and swaped the tone press for something swirly but more importantly how did you do that?
  7. Well I'm glad that's finally been cleared up, hopefully I can get a good nights sleep now.
  8. What Arthur said, looks like it could go for a good price too me. Reputable modder and in pretty decent condition.
  9. As a goodish (dont really know what a night train sounds like) kind of a guess the EHX soul food is apparently the booster/light od bargain of the decade and is super cheap klone style action if that's your kind of thing.
  10. You tried a ghost effects mind rocker?
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