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  1. Maybe I just got a dud. It does sound pretty good in kayzer's demo.
  2. I've tried a few super fuzz clones, but I found the FZ-2 was terrible. Sounds more like a distortion with a super-fuzz type octave thing going on. Wouldn't use it if you're not playing really heavy doom stuff
  3. No problems dealing with: Jah_Vengeance, Melx, Gambit, Daysofspeed x3, Lanefair, othomas2, tomf, Barnaby, Hardly, Neoflox, HeartfeltDawn, Magnum pi, The P-Man, Mike_Muse_Rage, Sparkfriction, blu_lu, Robopimp, Harvey787, RadioSilence, smudge_lad, Expressway to yr Skull, Thom, Woolyh, ArrMatey, Pheonix, brandnewzo, DeludedDude, WaWbanks, heavy_soul, hangwire, fortytwo, Daryl Chaney, Pedaltones, timmyo & smalltownsongs
  4. Originally Posted by macadood i'm surprised phil hasn't been bant from HM for inactivity in that case :| You get banned for not posting regularly? Jesus, that's harsh.
  5. We later introduced it ourselves as the Vox Tone Bender." In 1967 Vox would offer their Tone Bender for 10 guineas (
  6. Please PM me for a fast response! Lee Jackson Mr. Springgy v.2
  7. Either the original, or dwell knob version.
  8. Just done some googling, and it looks like he uses a Hot Cake and Tube Screamer too.
  9. Bump of ye olde, short lived topic. What's all this talk of using a Rat? Sounds more like 60's fuzz boxes. Carry on.
  10. why do u think you need 18v? I don't think it needs it. I just always find I'm utilising the extra headroom that the pog offers, specifically with the sub octave, and that other sub octave pedals where never that interesting to me as a result of only running at 9v. However, as erskin points out, that's comparing octave pedals, and not a sub octave fuzz, which I'm sure will be punchy enough for what it does. Plus at higher gigging volumes I guess most people aren't going to push sub-octaves very high incase they mess their speakers so then 18v is going to be a rather pointless thing to have just to satisfy bedroom players like myself
  11. Crisis averted then. Incidentally, are they only available in gold or are their plans for more colours?
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