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  1. Originally Posted by orangesix Darcy rarely looked good. Not even on the see through t-shirt tour!? Auf Der Maur was foxy as {censored} though
  2. Man or Astro-man? Lots and lots of Man or Astro-man?, for two days straight...
  3. Originally Posted by Kimme Apple decided that burning CDs is no longer necessary. I think they've decided CDs are no longer necessary because my Macbook Pro and my friends Macbook Air don't even have CD drives
  4. I thought HC was going to end last night the time it was taking to load anything
  5. Just a quick one for camera dudes, would not having interchangeable lenses be a big deal in the long term? Like I'm a noob now but I'm dropping a lot of money on the camera so I want it to last a good 5+ years so it'll be a bummer if I have to upgrade if I really get into it or are expensive lenses and upgrades really more the reserve of professionals rather than amateurs?
  6. I don't get why Fender don't just put them on Jags and Jazzmaster as standard by now. Purists I guess
  7. Originally Posted by IRG Why? If you use reverb or delays at all, stereo is definitely worth it. Much wider sound stage, sounds awesome. Stereo > Mono. Having to lug around and maintain two amps is an absolute pain in the balls and when your playing it doesn't even make any difference without any panning effects going on. Never again for me, never again
  8. Was it actually stocked by Amazon? Sometimes someone will put something up cheap and then charge $100 postage.
  9. Originally Posted by goodhonk they are nu-surf right? Mid 90s instrumental space surf I guess. Sounds like someone travelled back in time and gave Dick Dale a hit of acid and a Tubescreamer
  10. I'd heard them mentioned here and there before so I got one of their albums last night to check them out (Project Infinity) and this {censored} be blowing ma mind Are all their albums similar stuff? Which should I get next? {censored} now I need a reverb tank
  11. She'll live on forever in our hearts.
  12. Cheers for the input guys, checking out that Fujifilm X100 What are you looking to do with the camera? and whats your budget bruh? Looking at like
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