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Let's talk about reverb, will you?


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  • Let's talk about reverb, will you?

    I'm curious what reverbs you guys like the best?

    Hardware or software - doesn't matter. Do you use reverbs more than delays?

    Recently I started making my own IRs for Waves IR-1. A lot of fun and you can really make it very smooth using some additional modulation.

    Bunch of others reverbs, too. Depending on mix sometimes it's just early reflections, or just rooms, or crazy stuff like Valhalla UberMod.

    Any ideas to share?

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      SofTube TSAR-1 for vocals. It succeeds because it doesn't necessarily try to sound like an acoustic space, it tries to sound like reverb. Very smooth and sweet, and highly editable.

      My "secret" for reverb is adding a whole bunch of individual, short prime number delays to give good early reflections. That's where many reverbs fall down.

      However, I usually don't use much reverb. On classical sessions I mic the room, and supplement it with some background Waves convolution reverb to "fill in the cracks." For dance, pop, and soundtrack material, I tend to stay fairly dry or use my "ethereal reverb" technique (two reverbs, identical settings except delay time, throw one out of phase - cancels out everything except the tail). For reverb, nothing beats an acoustic space but plugs have their own value.
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        My all time favorite is still SIR. I haven't heard one that sounds better yet. But it all depends on having good room impulse samples. I've collected several hundred over the years.

        For guitar (live) I don't use reverb much, but when I do, I like the spring reverb in my 1963 vibrolux reverb amp.
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          UAD Plate 140 mostly. I've also recently gotten around to exploring the TC M30 which was a free giveaway a while back, and the amazing Valhalla Room.
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              I like all type of reverb hardware or plugin, I have found best to set dry as possible, and be very light on, except if you are doing some spacey sort of stuff where some heavy handed wet reverb setting can be used to good effect.
              I still use MidiVerbII and Yamaha REX50, a couple of classics from the 80's, and some of the free VST reverbs are quite good too.


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                My productions tend not to be reverb heavy, though I use lot a of reverbs. I tend to send my delays into a plate.And hide it just right. A third party IR in the Waves convo. I really like my big room compressed for drums. Put up two 414s in Blumien to get the room and... who needs a reverb. Hand claps, Ac guitar, choir, El guitar. They all love a real room. Still...

                ...I've been hankering for an old spring. I love that smooth, lo-fi swim. I'm shopping for a plug sim but will gladly jump on a eBay steal of a Demeter or the like. I love that tank sound. Swimmy, vibey, cool.

                I really liked the old Waves TruVerb for ERs. I really like some of the RenVerb chambers, but always in small doses because, as noted, they really don't sound great featured. Even the Digi Verb, that cheapy on Amb. setting is cool used right. Lots of them used subtly can work out.

                I've never been a fan of the Lexicon, what's that standard with the remote control in all the old studios? It's so 80's. Good but... not really me. Too 80's pop for me. I find stacking verbs can be cool. A TrueVerb for the ERs, a Ren for the tail. But send it to a dirtied up timed delay first and magic starts to happen.

                I'd love a Bricasti for a bit rich ($$$) for me. For now, I'll make due with delays and some crafty plug subterfuge. That and the room of course.

                Blumlien miking is your friend. Real ERs into a plug set with a substantial predelay to let the room through first can work well...
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                  I like to use one of the 44+ different free ones that came with LIVE8


                  with the "high" resolution set, the 'verbs sound fantastic to me . . .
                  CA - smart idea about early reflections, nice application of early reflcts
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                    I rarely use plugin verbs. I use a hardware reverb, the TC Electronic M300, and occasionally an Alesis Quadraverb, although that's more for affecting keyboards, and is something I rarely if ever use as a main reverb.

                    Isn't it a pain connecting the M300 to your DAW?

                    I have the M3000, and I'd still rather do everything ITB rather than patch a reverb in and out.

                    I'm still looking for a good reverb plugin (not that I'm a reverb snob, just haven't scanned what's out there recently...I'd love to get a great reverb plugin and not feel guilty about not using my M3000 )
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                      I bought all my hardware reverbs new at the various times they were still made...

                      spx90 or something by Yamaha... boy I hated that one from day one in the rack.
                      A bunch of the Alesis stuff that I don't even remember.

                      I've sold them all. The last to go was my pcm80. I don't miss any of them. I really like a lot of the plug-ins now and they'll only get better over the next five or ten years.

                      The closest next sorta-hardware reverb I'm leaning towards is the UAD stuff, esp the emt140. There's something holding me back from that, but I haven't pinpointed what it is yet.

                      The VnXT Nebula based 140 seems cool in demos, but I don't understand the world of Nebula.

                      While I can appreciate the attraction of the Bricasti for some, I will never again pay $3000 or whatever for a reverb. A few times of doing that in the past century was enough.

                      Some of the best short reverbs I get are by throwing a single speaker and mic in a room of the house, sending a signal in there, compressing the heck out of it, and then returning that to the console with a delay on the return. Bathrooms are excellent for this.


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                        I like to use one of the 44+ different free ones that came with LIVE8

                        I think Live's effects are WAY underrated, probably because a) you can use them only in Live, so other people don't know about them and b) they don't have photo-realistic graphics with drop shadows and 3D and all that. A lot of people judge gear with their eyes, not their ears

                        Live remains a genius program IMHO.
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                          “Music is well said to be the speech of angels... nothing among the utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine."

                          ~Thomas Carlyle


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                            Favorites software .. valhalla room,
                            Hardware ..hardwire rv7, blackstar tube rv pedal, i have an old rack alesis, but ive mostly moved to software


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