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  1. There are free versions Line 6 PodFarm and IK Amplitube and possibly NI's Guitar Rig(not sure about that one) so you can decide for yourself.
  2. The Behringer V-Amp 3 seems great, I think I'm going to get that. Good luck with Behringers drivers.
  3. I'd like to see the companies split things up into 2 things, downloadable single songs in .mp3/mp4 like they are now, and sell DVD-A and do away with 16 bit/44hz CD's. CD's are too close to consumer level quality-wise to compete with on line downloads at the moment to be a viable choice anymore, and DVD-A would satisfy the audiophile more than CD's.
  4. what's the major diference? Mainly the FirePod has lightpipe i/o and FireStudio doesn't. I installed the FireStudio for a freind on a Gateway PC which luckily had a TI FW chipset built in and he runs it with Sonar with no driver issues.
  5. Yes - sidechaining and external hardware compensation. That goes on the to-do list as well
  6. Does the Konnekt come with MIDI drivers to play back MIDI files within Windows xp?? Or are we supposed to just use the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth? That would require some sort of built in synth which it obviously doesn't have.
  7. Cubase LE just quits while starting up. Just to let everyone know, my brother got Cubase LE included with his EMU 1820-M about a year and a half ago and it did the same exact thing. In fact EMU put a disclaimer about this on a peice of paper included with the box it came with and instructed everyone to watch for an expected update. We checked for about a year and gave up and wrote it off since we both use Sonar anyway. My guess is it had to do with their older internal VST wrapper being out of spec with newer VST plugs, but I'm not sure. I really don't know if the Cubase LE shipping with the TC unit and other units currently is a newer version or not, but my guess is it's the same. Either way it resulted in the same problem, hang on start up, and this is with completely different hardware.
  8. i plugged it into my MOTU just for the DA and sounds much better. Do you have the mixer applet installed? If not, can you switch to any input this way as a standalone?
  9. Originally posted by Anderton As to using the K24D firewire port for other devices, Mike can give the "real" answer but my assumption is that's for chaining other K24D units. I think there's a reason why Firewire cards usually have multiple ports... Ok, were finding out there's a problem with his Seagate external FW/USB drive. I borrowod my friends FireBox in which you are able to chain devices and he can't do it with that either. I just thought I'd clarify that so others don't get the wrong impression.
  10. Well, my brother got his today for his new Centrino based dualcore laptop, and as expected the Konnekt8 barley performs in Sonar 5. He has 14 days to return it and he's trying to hang on with word of an update. Another discouraging thing which I haven't seen brought up here(maybe I missed it) is the fact that his FW Seagate external drive isn't recognized in the Konnekt's extra FW port, and I'm not sure it's such a good idea to chain them the other way because I rember PreSonus strongly recomending that FW audio devices should be first in the chain. I hate to come off glum here and I did warn him about the reports of Sonar's performance with this unit and it is his gamble, but to be honest, I personally am expecting a rough ride here judging by TC's past driver performance record(PoCo). It seems that TC seems to treat Cakewalk as an afterthought, if at all, and judging by the PoCo FW(and Pci card) and now this, it doesn't look promising as far as I'm concerned . At the moment he's hoping to hold on with at least some word from TC regarding these matters, but he's also starting to look at options that work(PreSonus FireBox/Focusrite Saffire etc.).
  11. Originally posted by Cmusicmaker 3.How would you describe the sound quality compared to the 1820M? As an example the 1820M has about 120db of dynamic range while the Konnekt 24D has 109db or so, or has this changed? 4.I might not buy the Konnekt 24D, so is the Konnekt 8 the exact same hardware as the Konnekt 24D? Put another way, does the Konnekt 8 have the same dynamic range as the Konnekt 24D? My questions as well.
  12. Originally posted by Anderton If it really does work, and I could run programs like Sonar, it seems that would simplify my b-platform world a whole lot. . Apparently, Sonar works
  13. Originally posted by ViLo So I can record to an external drive? Of course. With Sonar I just set it's folders to the external FW drive. I actually prefer this because a 7200 drive in a notebook would definitely heat things up shortening the life of the laptop ultimately.
  14. Originally posted by ViLo Thanks! That gives me hope, because the Rain computers are way too expensive for me. A couple of more details. The CPU is an AMD Newark(excellent) socket 754, and the laptop is based on the ATI chipset which I'm really starting to like with AMD. The graphics is an Ati mobility Radeon X600 256 mb which is not shared with system memory which is one gig DDR. The drive is the typical 4200rpm,but since all audio is running off the external FW WD drive so it really doesn't matter much, and since the machine runs fairly cool a faster internal drive would just needlessly heat things up more. I re-did Win XP home that shipped with the machine to get rid of all the infested crap(AOL etc.),then used Partion Magic to creat 2 more partitions and installed XP Pro stripped with XP Lite for DAW so it's like he has 2 machines, one for internet and crap and the other a stripped down XP Pro for DAW and the 3rd partition for storage. So far it's very solid and fast. Great deal for the money.
  15. Originally posted by ViLo Or this one? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7742927&type=product&id=1140393564933 Thanks again I put together that exact laptop for a freind for DAW. Kicks ass and runs at 2.6ghz full out and has 1mb L2 cache. He's running Sonar with a Presonus Firebox and an external Western Digital FW drive. The only complaint is it's a 4 pin FW so you can't bus power any FW devices. He hasn't picked it up yet so I'm pretending it's mine.
  16. Originally posted by Shangrila17 smoking crack. See how easy it is to get your point across with just 2 words, instead of an unreadable endless and pointless novel with no paragraph's?
  17. One thing not brought up here,it appears that many early users of S5 are apparently noticing a very big improvement in the audio engine in both 32 and 64 bit versions as reported in this thread http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.asp?m=603446
  18. All sounds good so far.I'm just wondering though wether Sonars now time still stops when adjusting certain 3rd party plugins (mostly VST) during playback.Another thing concerning me was the ability to disable PDC individually for certain older plugs that couldn't deal with it,and I'm reasonably certain that Craig still has some older plugs allergic to PDC for that test.
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