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  1. I think I was one of the indignant ones. Facebook is a PITA when it comes to having a forum-like discussion. IMO it's people's short attention span and mobile devices that are killing social networking, including Facebook. I'm smart enough not to use my iPhone for surfing the web. I don't even have it enabled. I still like big screens. But it doesn't matter because most people have jumped to mobile for everything. The quality of the web experience has diminished for everyone. I have a theory that people are not pissed off all the time because of politics. They're angry all the time because they're trying to look at the world through a keyhole... tiny little screens. I'm self-aware that those devices annoy me for anything other than texting and talking. Facebook is even old news. Both my sons are in their 20s. My youngest son doesn't even use Facebook anymore. He says it's for "old people" My older son has a Facebook account, but is hardly ever on it.
  2. I think I have too much gear, and I haven't bought anything new in years. Too much gear for me has to do with maintenance. I have two older boards that are old enough already that I've had to recap them. I try not to complain. What would be worse is if I didn't understand electronics at that level and didn't know how to recap them. I can pretty much fix anything, except don't ask me to refinish a guitar or a gun stock. Whatever I learned about woodworking in high school shop class I've mostly forgotten. Too much gear is like too many guns. It's the same story. Rust never sleeps, so even the guns I hardly ever take to the range I have to take apart every now and then, clean and re-lube, then put them back in my gun safe. Same with cars when you fix everything yourself. I could definitely have too many cars/trucks if I had all the ones I like. I'll never have more than two vehicles. Too much work. From a maintenance perspective we can have too much stuff in general. And from a space perspective as well. I sometimes long for my late teens/early 20s when I could fit everything I owned in my Chevy van. Now it's more like I need a second house for all my stuff. Oh yeah... one other way people can have too much gear is if they get having lots of gear confused with being a musician. It's same story as having lots of guns doesn't make one a skilled marksman with any of them. You have to get to the range on a regular basis just like you have to keep your chops up on whatever instruments you play and stay proficient with the gear you have.
  3. Sounds about right. I've never played a computer video game in my life, but I still suffer from the effects of it being so pervasive in society. For example, movie effects are downright comical to me. Far inferior and less convincing than 30 years ago. Most of the audience doesn't mind or doesn't notice that movies look like video games. Many people are desensitized from playing video games too much and over too many years. I get around this whole mess by watching mostly classic movies and listening to older music, or good well produced new music with real musicians. Music and movies are both on the ropes trying to compete with gaming and other forms of electronic entertainment. IMO, it's part of the "Dumbing down." I agree that gaming is the "New Beatles" so to speak. Most music lovers I know are my age, give or take a decade. There are exceptions, like my sons, but I raised them right. Gaming can certainly become a destructive addiction in the same way drugs can. It's the same process as far as the mind is involved. And I'm sure it impacts the way people interact with others.
  4. Yeah, that works when it's in context like that. But usually the conversation with people goes something like this... Me: What kind of DAW are you using these days? Other dude: REAPER Me: Mmm hmm... but you didn't answer my question
  5. RANT Well, we need something else because "DAW" has not been used right for a long time. Using it to describe only the software is incorrect, but now everyone does it. A DAW is the software (if any) AND the hardware combined. I think I'm the only one who remembers. "DAW Software" is correct when referring to the software part. Either people are too young to know that or so old they forgot what early DAWs were and why it ain't software alone. /RANT
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