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Jorge Costa

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Of course there's a lot of better overdrive stompboxs, but for the price, this bad ass monkey is a must have.


Mine it's from the 2006 series. It's really built like a tank. Very solid and heavy. But I also had a 2008 series, and it doesn't even get near to the 2006: much more light (plastic?!?!), suck more tone (both are not true bypass, but on the 2008 series you can notice that pretty well), and the components soldering doesn't have the same quality. Well, mine it's the 2006, so that's what I'm ratting, and once more, for a pedal of this price range, it deserves the higher ratting.

General Comments

As I said before "this bad ass monkey is a must have"! For the price you can't find better. Sweet overdrive tube tone, easy to use, just like a Tube Screamer but more versatile, and very reliable (at least the 2006 version). If you can, get one.

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