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    One-time forklift truck operator who left disillusioned when the rest of the workforce refused to let me teach them Latin. I have worked as a glazier, a radio & tv repairman, a furniture upholsterer, a ditch digger, an assembler of fine French automobiles, an operator of injection moulding machinery, a store man, a folk music archivist, an arts administrator and a music shop sales guy with a ponytail. I gave up on the notion of work to look after Ould Blackpig (the Da) in his final years. All of this time I was first and foremost a musician. I now have tattoos and a baldy head along with a black leather waistcoat which I wear with Marshall Amplifier t-shirts and a silver pentagram on a chain which Mrs. BP bought me for our anniversary. I thus qualify as an unemployable old rocker and phuck the begrudgers.


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    Drink. All kinds of drink. Oh yes the drink. DRINK! It's awfully jolly fun you know.


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    I build railway models. It's better than working.
  1. If I'd had an axe like this 20 years ago I'd be a millionare by now. This thing sings like no other instrument I've ever played. When I pick it up it disappears and the music just comes out. If I ever had to replace it there would be a problem because these are quite rare in my neck of the woods. It is quite simply the best electric guitar I've ever come across bar none. I've owned a few Fenders in my time and a couple of Gibsons but none of them come close.
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