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  1. it would be hard to turn down.
  2. now is a really, really unfortunate time for me to not have $2500. That thing is stunning, I've fallen in love. hahaha Good luck with your sale, dude.
  3. Welcome to the forums. You might have better response by posting your pictures in the thread, by the way.
  4. And for some reason, I've always wanted a cracked mirror Iceman. I'd totally rock an Iceman. That and a Dean Cadillac are two weird ones that I really want to add to my collection.
  5. Classic Iceman. no, to me, this is "classic" Iceman:
  6. Sorry about the PM's guys, should be cleared up. I'm not really sure what I'm thinking for trade value, my cash price I was asking locally was +-$1800. Mudlounge, I'd be way into that, it would have to be next week. I'll PM you when I get back from this work meeting. Knux, I'll email you then, too.
  7. I'm going to bump this, still kind of thinking of wanting to trade it for something. Anyone have something Orange? Also, I'd entertain cash offers.
  8. Hey, count it as a free bump if you wish, but trade for a VHT UL?
  9. Krank Krankenstein? Ahh man, I really just haven't been able to jive with those. Kind of getting away from the high gain metal tone, really want crushing rock and roll haha
  10. Lolz, I don't know but the same shit happened at my band's rehearsal cabin... :wat:
  11. What about a Splawn? Anyone want to make a trade??
  12. Come on, who's got a goldtop or a thunderverb?
  13. * Edit * GONE Pics are from the camera phone. If we're ready to talk turkey, I can get some better shots if needed.
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