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  1. Just really curious about whether this will work. If I stereo'd these two amps, how good will it sound? Or will it just be a complete mess? I'm flirting with the idea of getting a second amp to stereo with the Deville I have and it's between either a Bassman or another Deville.
  2. Hey thanks guys for the replies, it looks like I'll be grabbing one in the future. Just one more dumb question: can I stick my Boss power adapter into this thing? Or do I need to get it modded for me to do it? Again sorry for the lame question... I've been out of the effects pedal loop for a while now.
  3. Hey guys, I'm seriously looking at this pedal as the next addition to my rig, but I've got two questions regarding it: 1) Can you guys describe the sound? I've got a TS9 and some say it sounds similar to it. 2) I'm looking at getting the Fat Boost mod but is it possible to disable it? Reason being is that I'd like to have the option of having the sound of the original Power Screamer boost without the mod and with the mod. From what I understand, there's a boost switch on the side of the pedal that let's me do just that so I can have the best of both worlds (Or in this case, best of both pedals!). Thanks in advance!
  4. Never have I used a Chorus pedal before, though I do have a Boss Reverb pedal. How similar are these effects? Did I make the right choice in buying Guyatone? This was the cheap discontinued version of the pedal, not the crazy new one they have right now with different wave forms and whatnot. I also bought this as I'm a huge Coldplay fan and I found out that Jonny Buckland uses one of these guys, so I thought why the heck not? Thanks in advance!
  5. very spongy response when cranked, ultimately I like the firmer response of the Rocker-30...not to mention the EL-34 grunt! Too bad the Rocker 30 has been discontinued =/ But isn't the Rockerverb MKII's pretty much like the Rocker except with more wattage?
  6. why would you be 'resorting to an AC30'? I assume you mean 'without' resorting. More into the Orange than a Vox tone. Plus the other guitarist has an AC30, our sound as a band could use more variety.
  7. Why do you want to sound like jimmy eat world? Develop your own sound and be original man. When I played the ad30.. I thought it was a lot like the ac30 I had at the time... not exactly.. but similar. Because it's a good sound, and it would be a good starting point to develop my own sound.
  8. I was almost set on buying the Rockerverb 100 in the new year, but after hearing some clips on the AD30 and finding out that Jimmy Eat World uses it, this has me interested. I've been trying to find an amp that nails that JEW tone without resorting to an AC30, so I'm wondering what kind of experiences you guys have had with the AD30. Whatever amp I get, I'm hoping to sound like JEW and The Subways but with some bite to it. Thanks in advance!
  9. I noticed the guitarist of my favourite band Coldplay, Jonny Buckland uses a Phase 90 live. Never really understood the use of this effect, but do any of you guys use this kind of thing in the same vein as Coldplay? Other than that... sell me on this thing! It seems interesting!
  10. I love pop. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga... they've got some great songs.
  11. Every day, though that's no guarantee that it will be productive every time I pick it up.
  12. I think it's not bad. It's going to take some time to get adjusted, but it's so much better than the Jive update.
  13. What sound do you want? A dark chorus, something brighter and more focused, some more atmospheric? Digital? Analogue? What would a Guyatone Chorus pedal fit under?
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