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  1. 9 out of 10. Beautiful, with new hard case, hip shot D tuner. Has DR Black Beauties on it. Amazing bass. $800
  2. 92' model. well used has dings and scratches. Definitely a player. Frets good, luthier just setup with Chromes. Comes with Squier hard case. $350
  3. I just ordered one of the Pitch Black tuners...I called MF and they beat Best Buy's price...got it for $62.49
  4. Korg Pitch Black Pedal Tuner @ Bestbuy for $64.99....says you have to add to cart for price and said 1-2 weeks for delivery. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Korg+-+Pitchblack+Chromatic+Tuner+for+Guitars/8889312.p?id=1215216374861&skuId=8889312&cmp=RMX&ref=06&loc=01&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=8889312
  5. will net an extra $25 off Dang, do you just tell them that when you call or in a checkout cart on line? I don't even own a guitar lol, I switched to bass a few months ago lol, but that POD looks tempting.
  6. Mr Rebates also has 12% CB from Musician's Friend (says for certain brands) http://www.mrrebates.com/search_stores.asp?k=Musician%27s+Friend&g_search_option=S How does that work?
  7. Don't know if you've guys had any luck with Hello Music, but some guys on Talkbass.com have bought some stuff and had great luck. Anyways, today they have Orange Tiny Terror head for $400 and Line 6 HD500 for $350. http://www.hellomusic.com/ec/DealMain.aspx?did=7782 http://www.hellomusic.com/ec/DealMain.aspx?did=7963
  8. The BB1200S is a neck thru 4 string with passive and active electronics, 3 band EQ, comes with original case. It's in great condition for late 70's early 80's era. couple nicks on the top of the head stock and on the back. Overall great condition. It's on ebay, but I will end the auction for a member if we strike a deal. SOLD!
  9. Hate to do it, but oh well. Up for grabs are my 94-95 Fender Japan Jazz Bass 75' RI.....it's Ash body with 3 bolt micro tilt adjustable Maple neck with natural inlay and binding. It's any awesome bass, just setup with DR Hi Beam .105's Has original hard shell case. SOLD! It's on ebay and goes off on Wednesday, but I will end the auction if we strike a deal with a member.
  10. Thanks so much for answering guys. However, I just noticed I forgot to mention no locking trems. Since it will be my only guitar for a while, I'll have to do all tunings with that one. The locking trems are a PIA for me to change.
  11. Thanks to Uncle Sam I had to sell ALL my guitars, don't have one in the house and it's driving me nuts. I need something to play. $200 including shipping is probably all I can come up with for a while. Anybody got anything decent they'll part with? Let me know what ya got. Do have a Vox Wah, some Vox amplugs, Line 6 toneport UX1, Vox JamVox, a CAD dynamic mic and 20' XLR cable, maybe some other stuff I may could trade toward something a little higher. TIA
  12. Bump for a NICE guitar. I know, it used to be mine. I took those pics when I sold it. Wish I could afford to buy it back.
  13. I had to sell my Classic Player 60's Strat and I LOVED that thing. I really miss my Yamaha Semi Hollow though. It really would pretty much cover everything I try to play. I guess something HH with coil taps or a HSS strat would be best.
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