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  1. Great article Craig, I started my pickup height Exodus around 12 years wit Les Pauls and BurstBuckers, finding that they were incredibly sweet pickups when lowered to level with the pickup ring at the neck and just below on the bridge, since then I've treated every pickup like an individual and tuned them for myself and sat with customers carefully working up and down with their heights and their setup. Not one customer has ever gone back to so called manufacturers recommended heights, with nearly all humbucker and single coil players setting their pickups low
  2. The Trev Wilkinson period Vintage guitars just keep getting better and better some Chinese, some Indonesian. I have a cream SC with gold hardware, utterly lovely guitar and the stock pickups are as good as the best Epi pickups This is the same one I have [video=youtube_share;r73l6k67mcg]
  3. Feline Guitars are about the longest surviving I know
  4. Banned? You're lucky! I'd have you staked out in the sun, smothered in honey and killer ants and let the ravens peck your eyes out for asking such heinous questions
  5. You like that combo, try swapping the magnets from one to the other.....BOOM
  6. Wow, never knew that, most people I know rely on playing technique and old fashioned shit like that
  7. SUV, thats one o them new fangled Riussian jets innit?
  8. Sadly the god that used 50s technology piss all over most of the individuals you refer to, even Steve Vai can't keep up with a cello
  9. I've had maybe 30 customers come to me with "bent necks". Destring, completely back off truss rod, leave in a cool, humid, dark room for 5-7 days, restring, leave overnight adjust truss rod and hey presto, guitar is fine.
  10. Needs about 5 mm routing out if you're going to do it properly, and don't forget to change the pickguard screws, as the old ones will be too short for Lo Pro Edge
  11. Chambered Les Pauls can get as low as 7lbs, there isn't much below the lightest Strats that can get to that without using something like Paulownia.
  12. F**k it...tell you waht, just buy Caress of Steel if you don't have it, there isn't really any waste on it
  13. Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven is a long way from here.
  14. In reality they've always been obsolete, fretless necks have been about for centuries and are now on guitars and many, many basses
  15. For those of you who've never heard this, find the album copy on some stream now, and for those who have...revisit. Truly SUBLIME in every respect
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