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  1. You 100% sure it's not one of the small number of actual walnut SGs?
  2. To confuse matters, there is a double bound one and an unbound one....
  3. As a rule of thumb I always start with pickups as low as they'll go, without falling off the screw, then slowly raise and play about with height. There is no doubt that am Alnico V is far sweeter lower down, mainly why I only use UOA5 and A2 and A3 pickups in my own guitars these days.
  4. That speaks to me, but I'm unsure of what it's saying, but not being a fan of CAR, I think it's saying, ..."yes...but in a different colour"
  5. Black reflector knobs......she's pretty damn gorgeous Mr O'Penguin
  6. Always worthwhile paying top dollar to get a slight improvement over what you've already got
  7. Maybe it's all the lead in our plates and spoons [video=youtube;jV9L9C9DV_Y]
  8. Errrr, think I'll have some alfalfa instead for now...I'm good thanks
  9. Always have, always will hate AC/DC, but Malcolm and Bon Scott were special. RIP Malc mate
  10. There was an old forumite, who had a bolt on Lester made, who proclaimed it to be the best LP type he'd ever owned, played and heard. The first Strat I ever built, was only a Warmoth neck, but the best Strat I've ever owned
  11. That's the thing about a Warmoth....don't pay to build one unless you intend to keep it.
  12. I've built quite a few Warmoths with lesser parts than that, in the UK, by the time I get ass-raped by HMRC, I'm paying well over £500, and as they're usually very bespoke Strats, with stainless frets, ebondy boards, fat necks, and very light swamp ash bodies, I'm pretty happy to pickup other peoples Warmoth projects for around 350-400GBP
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