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  1. Black or the tort would look cool. I would prefer the tort myself, but that's just my 2 pennies.
  2. So you are going for a coil tap. Black to ground, Blue to pot input, green to spst. Use the center lug on the switch, the ground should go to either corner leg. Have fun!
  3. Ok, so actually you are looking for a bridge pickup? For the tones you are describing, you want a lower output pickup to achieve them. Remember that in the day that Beck, Ackerman, and others ruled, 9K was considered high output. Today 15K isn't that unusual. So I would recommend something for the bridge that may be 1 or 2 K higher then the neck. It sounds obvious, but have you looked at a Duncan JB? Or a Dimarrizo Super Distortion?
  4. Yes, that's right, I finally got a guitar as old as me, but in MUCH better shape! a 1962 Silvetone/Danelectro 1448 with the the original amp and case! The guitar has 19 frets on a massive 21 inch scale. A,... get this... Brazilian rosewood fretboard on a maple neck. All this goodness is attached via 2 screws, to a hollow poplar body topped with Masonite, with vinyl tape on the sides! It doesn't play as bad as you would expect.. Decent action, intonation that is in, for the most part, (Look, it has a stick of rosewood as the bridge, what do you expect?) and has a pleasant tone, but very little in the way of sustain. The amp is a Marshall stack killer with 3, yes, count em, 3 watts of tube drive glory! All this rampaging valve goodness is controlled by a single volume knob, and goes thru a bone crushing 5 inch speaker. The tubes are even the original Silvertones! And did I mention that the case is the same black sparkle as the guitar? How hip is that Daddy O? I think that sometime in the early 60's Johnny Guitar got this as a gift, and after a week or two, discovered it wasn't as easy as the Beatles made it look, and thru it under the bed. Some 30 or so years later, Johnny Jr found it, and made the same discovery as his dad, and thru it back under the bed, only to be rediscovered some time later by Johnny the 3rd who thought to himself, "Hmm, no Floyd, no EMG's and only 6 strings? How am I going to play my Swedish death metal on this piece of crap?" and somehow, made it was down to Florida. Lucky me!!!!
  5. Not at all. You have the black, and the bare wires as ground. Simply add the green wire to ground, and use the red/white as your hot wire to the switch. If you don't like it, it's easy to switch back. And you can always add 2 push/pull pots to add series/parallel or a coil tap.
  6. Ok, basswise…. 19... I wanna say 67 Gibson EB3L. Or was it an Ovation Viper? Anywho, played it for a while, got a 87 American Jazz bass, which I despised with every bone in my body, a Heyman bass, then went to a Kramer DMZ6000 for 20 odd years. Guitarwise is harder. I kinda somewhat remember-ish a red Domino strat copy with 3 pickups and metal pickguard when I was 18 or so. Then a 67 Gibson 330, and a 66 or so Gibson melody maker SG. After that, GAS took over and it's been a blur ever since.
  7. A suggestion if you are interested. Why not wire the humbuckers series instead of parallel? They look to be 4 conductor, so use the tap wires as hot, and the hot and ground as..... wait for it.... ground. This way you would still have that tele twang (ish) with the benefit of bucking the hum. And yeah, Basswood gets no respect, especially from a small company like Ibanez. Their highest end electric, the JEM is made from it, along with 90% of the RGs they make. but hey, what do they know?
  8. I would drop a few drops of oil down past the hex key, let it sit a bit, and SLOWLY and GENTLY twist the PROPER sized hex key back and forth. A little can go a long way.
  9. Put a bucker in the bridge, and add a push pull for series/parallel. Grunt when you want it, clean chimey when you want that also.
  10. Tell my $2100 MSRP Eastman that. Or my Peerless at $1300 MSRP.
  11. Another idea other then a pickup replacement, would be adding a 1meg resistor to your volume pot. (across the in and out tabs on the pot.) What this does is drop the value of the pot from the modern 500K to a vintage Gibson value of 330K or thereabouts. For the neck pickup, this adds a bit a "mud", or darkening the pickup. I have a Samick made Sheraton II made in 98, and I always found the mud of the neck pickup to be part of it's charm.
  12. Welcome to the insanity of the forum! 👍 Duncan Phat Cat or some inane name like that. Also try the GFS Dream 90. (About 1/2 the price of the Duncan.)
  13. Really want to get that funk tone of the 70's? Phase switch on the guitar, Auto wah, and a phaser.
  14. It'll just make your guitar sound like a snotty British punk.
  15. Oh god, I couldn't do it and listen to the whole thing. It was.... well just like any bad Aerosmith tune from the 70's, 80's 90's, 00's.... name the decade, it was from then. The opening "chicka wa..." killed it for me.
  16. Beating up a brand new guitar to look old, doesn't work.
  17. The same with Joe Jackson. He is, according to his website, still alive.
  18. Nice to see Mary Ford, who may have been one of the greatest rhythm players ever, but no clip of her playing. For shame.... Joan Jett.... really.... you couldn't find anyone other then her for number 1?
  19. Soooo, just re-releases of past re-releases.... leave it to Fender.
  20. Shame that the Pre-Release pic, showed such a mismatch of wood grains. Looks more like a cheap copy that you see on eBay in kit forms.
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