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  1. I just bought this strat on ebay today. It is a late 80's Fender "Strat Plus" that a former owner modified into "Fat Strat" It will make a good companion to my "Vintage Modified" Rickenbacker 480.
  2. Below is a very short(un authorised) history of the Agile LP style guitars that I put together for someone on a another forum. This is all info I gathered from this and other forums pertaining to the early models of Agile LPs. If anyone has any other information to contribute or any corrections to what I have written below please post them. Kurt Zentmaier ,the owner of Rondo Music first started importing Les Paul Copies under the Agile trademark name in 1999.These guitars had a distinctive headstock exclusive to the Agile name and were only sold by Rondo Music. The 1st Model was the LP 2000. After receiving many requests for models with upgraded features he designed the model LP 2500 and later the LP 2800.These models were available from around 2000-2003. Starting around the summer of 2003 there were some changes to the Agile line.First the model series name changed from LP to AL.Soon after that the body changed a little,most notably the horn became blunter.Finally the headstock was changed to a new design. I believe These changes all happened in late 2003. Of course there were alot of changes to the other Agile guitars as well so I will include below some photos I have found on the internet of original Agiles made 1999-2003.
  3. I saw a Made in Japan Fernandes Stratocaster my local store.They want $320 for it(comes with a nice padded gigbag).It is in excellent almost new condtion (9.9) It has a sparkly gold finish and gold hardware and looks pretty spectacular.It looks like a copy of a Fender 62 Stratocaster.I think it was made around 1990.Anyone know any thing about these guitars? Any info would be appreciated.
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