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  1. I found this at a local store today. I don't know if it is called a Zen-on or Zenon. Looks like it was made by Teisco but the pickups are copies of the Kay Kleenex box and the neck is huge. It came with original case,strap and cord.It's the same guitar as the one in the video at the bottom. [video=youtube;_SJWsf2hB-A]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SJWsf2hB-A
  2. It was the best local rock and roll TV show on New York City TV from 1959-1968. I tried to find videos of The Stones on The Clay Cole Show but apparently WPIX erased all the tapes of this show in 1968 to save money!!!???
  3. My friend is selling this amp The Chassis is from a 1961 Brownface Fender Super The cabinet is from a 1963 Blonde Fender Pro This amp came from a recording studio in my town. It has been a workhorse there for the past 40 years but has been well maintained It has new caps and tubes and a 15 inch speaker (I'm not sure what it is). The amp sounds awesome with that unique brownface tremelo circuit. What do you think it is worth? He is asking $1300 for it.
  4. I'm not sure what the model is. Maybe "Tremolectric" 440? Big single coil pickups Reso-glass top and back. Its got an electronic tremolo which you can control with the little red switch under the neck pickup.It's actually a circuit with a little light bulb in side and the little switch works like a little electric whammy bar so you use your pinky to wiggle the trem. You can change the sound of the trem from soft to hard by changing the size of the light bulb. Any idea what these sell for?
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