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  1. Well DaddyM, unlike you, I don't black guitars normally. And Mrs. Penguin has no problem with others joining the herd IF they are different enough to stand out. But alas, this COVID crap has forced me to let go of a few to pay the bills. (My wife understands the world of being guitarded, but not the electric company for some reason...) So here is the current though not the best, pic of the herd as we chat. And please forgive the mess, I am in the process of redoing everything, so of course the best place to do so, is the spare bed.
  2. Jets fan here.... sighs When's the best day to a Jets fan? First game of the season of course. Second best day? When hockey starts so we don't have to watch the Jets.
  3. I picked this up in a small shop in Auburndale Florida, about 160 miles from where I live. I have no affiliation with this store, so I feel safe in letting the rest of the world know about it. Need a 99 dollar Estaban guitar like creature, he has one. Need a 64 tele in ORIGINAL cardinal red? Got one too. And of course, the Pauls... oh my God, he has Pauls! Jimmy's Vintage Music – Jimmy's Vintage Music The guitar in question, was made by this gentleman in the Dominican Republic. And I can pretty much assure you he can make one in boring, I mean, awe inspiring black! Home | seppo (frankinsteinguitarworks.com)
  4. A Dr. Frankenstein Ergo Wing. Semi hollow, Fijian mahogany neck and body, Sperzal non locking open gear tuners, bone nut, and some Korean pickup that looks suspiciously like a First Act one but sounds quite decent. Replaced the bone but that was cut and fit by a drunken monkey, and glued down a lifting 19th fret. Plays wonderfully, and has a nice range of tones just by moving your picking hand, and adjusting the tone control.
  5. Yes, people are here, and who are you talking about? If it's a political statement, please go to the Political Party forum.
  6. One is a bass, the other, a guitar. And I am in LOVE with the guitar!
  7. I assume it's for a super strat of some type. And it looks like a typical strat neck.. "Shaft wood" What the hell is the shaft? (Buying from China I assume? Bad choice.) And going with the rear mounting holes for the locking nut..... Go with a top mount system. Most neck cracks on a Floyd system come from the weakness of the holes thru the neck. Never understood why some idiot thought it was a good idea drilling holes in the weakest part of the neck.
  8. That's nice for him, but any decent finger picker can do the same.
  9. I have done it many many many times in the past. It's a useful mod for giving a hum, single, and p90ish tone. The issue YOU may have, is that the pickups aren't 4 conductor. You will have to rewire the pickups. Not hard, just a PITA.
  10. Don't want flats, so..... That perfect compromise between flats and round. I LOVE these on certain guitars. They add a bit more bass and a bit less treble on a hollow and semi hollow.
  11. I have to agree with daddymack. Peerless, Eastman, D'aAngelico and Ibanez are building hollows so much better then the American name brands, that it's almost laughable. Seriously, play an Ibanez Benson for about 1200, then play a Gibson 175 for about 3 times the price, and see if the Gibby is worth it. Or any of the Eastman archtops, ACTUALLY carved spruce like they did in the 30's and 40, and then play a laminate Gibson at the same price. there is no comparison!
  12. Never been a fan of Mesa myself, but this has the scent of DOOM to it.
  13. Nope, the Bigsby is factory stock, it's a B60.
  14. George L georgels.com (georgelsstore.com)
  15. Hey all, The other day, my beloved wife and I went down to Orlando. No Not for the Disney mind melting crap, but to go and enjoy a brit pub we both love, BEST fish and chips anywhere! And while down there, did the usual pawning, and went down to my fav vintage place. And sadly, found nothing that I wanted to come home with. Ok, I'm lying. Of course there was, but I can't afford/justify a 49 Super 400CES with added 1962 humbuckers. (7K, but God.... it was wonderful) So on the way home, stopped in Daytona and visited another of our fav food places, then at the last pawn shop, found her. As I was considering a Yamaha something something 630, my pointed and whispered..."What about the Peerless?" "Uhhh, WHAT Peerless babe?" And as I followed her finger, saw her. A NOS 2013 Tonemaster Player. Did I mention is was New Old Stock? Plastic on the pickguard, plastic on the truss rod cover, and yes, still on the pickups too! One minor scratch on the Bigsby arm, but otherwise.... New. So I played her, and played her, and played with the Bigsby, and sat grinning like an idiot as my wife asked about a case. They didn't have the original, they sold that without realizing it went with this guitar, but found a newish one that fit perfectly. Of course she came home with me. She HAD to. First impressions: The fit and finish is near FLAWLESS. From the tulip lip headstock, down to the lower bout, which is a big 16", it's perfect. Yes, the lower 5 frets on the treble side could use a touch of filing due to fret spout. But I think that's because she sat for 7 years un-played. She's a thick girl, at 3", but she sits comfortably in a lap. She's perfectly balanced, and stays where you want her. Acoustically, she's on the loud side, able to keep up with an acoustic jam session. Electronics are the standard Korean. Which means neither great or crappy. LOVE the sound of the neck pickup. It's boomy, but in a good way. Well balanced where each note of the chord are definable. The bridge is a bit on the thin side to my ears, but a little touch of the boost pedal can fix that. I don't understand the rosewood bridge on a Bigsby guitar, and I have thoughts on changing it to a tun-a-matic or a roller bridge, but I love the sound of it. We will see if the trem eats thru the bridge. And the price for all of this Korean beauty? A hair over $450 with tax.
  16. I have the SX Liquid with 2 P90's and that weird Jazzmaster styled trem thingy. Modded the electronics by replacing the 3 way, and adding a 4 way. And replaced the bridge since it was a rattle trap. Have a Douglas semi hollow tele, that blew away my MIM version. Replaced the 3 way with a 5 way Lawrence designed wiring. Also have a Agile 3010SE Paul with P90's. Just went with 50's wiring on it. I don't miss my Gibby's. Everything I have played with from Rondo has been wonderful and well worth the little they charge for quality.
  17. Take some sort of dual rail humbucker, wire it parallel, and you have something akin to a P90.
  18. There's at least 10,000 possible suggestions out there. From Lawrence XL500's, to Duncan 59's, Jazz, JB, to DiMarzio Virtual PAF, SD's, Dual Tone, To Lollars, Lace, and just about every other maker out there. You have a 24 fret mahog/maple guitar.... Floyd.... So the neck needs something a bit heavier on the bass side.... Duncan JB or a Pearly Gates. Bridge is easy one: Lawrence XL500. And before I forget.... If you have the EMG's in the guitar, you will need to replace the pots, and add a ground wire to the bridge. EMG's use a 25K pot and no ground to the guitar strings, most humbuckers use a 500K and NEED a ground to the strings.
  19. Pictures please. Early 70's did NOT have serial numbers. After 73 or so, serial numbers started with a 1, so it's at the earliest it's a 73.
  20. Uhhhh.... wha? If I read you right, blender pot, blending the neck and say bridge pickup on a strat like creature, 0 clockwise to 10, adds the pickup to the mix. Tone goes from 0, full cap and treble loss, to clockwise 10, where the cap is out of the mix. I "THINK" that's what you are asking. I think.
  21. The vast majority have them front mounted, with the exceptions being the Diablo I think, and the Supreme.
  22. Sometimes I wonder if he's mbeings under a different moniker...
  23. I personally tend to trade to get what I want. I traded a couple of guitars for this beauty, and haven't looked back since! I think one was an Ibanez RG770 that I paid 50 bucks for, but I know it wasn't much over $400 worth of gear. my 1973 SG Standard.
  24. 14 years later, he either sold it, gave up playing guitar, or, more likely left the forum and hasn't been seen in oh..... 14 years.
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