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  1. Thanks! Again, I only have the original Trio, so I’m not that familiar with the Trio+. Do you have one, and if so, how are you using yours?
  2. I’ve always wanted one of those. Probably my favorite Ampeg guitar amp of all time!
  3. Very nice collection Brian! What is the checkerboard guitar? Also, what’s the deal with the Epiphone that kind of looks like a wine red Les Paul Deluxe? Did you add mini humbuckers to something that originally had P-90’s in it or...? PS You need some acoustics to flesh out the collection a bit...
  4. Do you have a copy of the manual, and did you check that for how to make MIDI channel assignments? I don’t own one myself, so I really can’t make suggestions, but that’s where I’d start. If you don’t have the manual, you can probably download it from Korg’s website. www.korg.com
  5. A friend of mine recently added a classic JX-8P to his keyboard collection, which got me thinking about this. The Juno series from Roland seems to have developed a huge fan base - particularly the Juno 6 / 60 / 106 models. And they are indeed very cool. They’re classic analog synths. But I’ve always liked the JX series a lot too - particularly the JX-3P and JX8P. While you need to add an optional controller to them to get the same hands-on control as the Junos, they do have some other features the Junos lack, such as a second oscillator. How about you? Which series do you prefer, and why? What disadvantages do you think the two different lines have when compared to each other?
  6. As Gibson Brands has shifted its focus back to its core brands, Harmony Central has transitioned to a new ownership group made up of several music industry veterans. This group is passionate about maintaining everything that is currently great about the community, and growing it into the future. We appreciate your grace and understanding right now as the transition is happening during an unusual and difficult time, with everyone's focus on the pandemic. Exciting things are in store, but may take longer than planned, so that we can stay focused on the health and safety of everyone involved. What does it mean for me? I am transitioning into a new role at Gibson, focusing on editing within the marketing department. Chris is also moving into a new role at Gibson, just as Dendy did earlier. I will still be around & participating - at least for the next four weeks, and possibly longer, but in a significantly reduced capacity than you may be used to. What does it mean for the forum? Our hope is that nothing changes. The website is staying on the same technology platform, will keep the same design, same forums, same moderators, and we hope the community continues on as usual. We could use everyone's help in monitoring for inappropriate posts and help maintain the same level of quality that we are used to, so please continue to flag posts whenever you see something that’s inappropriate. What does it mean for content? The most exciting change will probably be in the form of increased product news and reviews. We will be partnering closely with Sweetwater Sound, several manufacturers, and other industry writers to increase the amount of valuable content. There should be more content posted in the future than what you have seen recently. We want Harmony Central to be recognized as the industry's best research destination now and into the future. What else will change? You will see an increase in sponsorships show up on the site from some of the industry's biggest manufacturers and ad partners who are excited to re-ignite the community’s growth. You will see more guest contributors than in the past. You will also see occasional giveaways and opportunities to score cool gear from our partners. You will see encouragement and opportunities to contribute gear reviews and other content as we build up Harmony Central's future as that ultimate music-centric research destination. Thanks, Phil Senior Editor, Site Administrator, Harmony Central Communities
  7. That turned out really nice - great job!
  8. I've got an original Trio... I'm really familiar with the Trio+, although it looks like it has an expanded feature set. The original DigiTech Trio really wasn't designed as a live performance tool - more as a practicing aid. That's generally how I've used it.
  9. No problem Notes, and totally understandable. Well that's something I guess. Better that than them asking for their deposits back. When this eventually ends and we can all hopefully get back to normal, you'll already have some gigs lined up.
  10. PS Do you know if they make a Tenor or Baritone model in that same product line?
  11. Thanks for the details Misha - it certainly looks like a sweet little uke - congratulations!
  12. You may very well be right... I was merely going off of the I'm looking to get back into acoustic guitar and the I'm particularly interested in the BEST ACOUSTIC GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS UNDER $300... parts of the OP's post, which seem to suggest he (or she) is looking for a beginner-type, inexpensive instrument, whether s/he is an actual beginner, or is returning to the instrument after a hiatus of unknown length and with unknown levels of previous experience and capabilities.
  13. He said he had it commissioned by Sergio Lazo. See the earlier post. I agree - it's a really cool painting!
  14. Very cool indeed - thanks for the details! I love the artwork / painting too.
  15. The very first guitars I ever played had nylon strings on them - a band director had a Yamaha classical in our high school band room, and I started messing around with that at lunchtime when I was a freshman. Mostly trying to teach myself Frampton and Boston songs, since they were all the rage at the time. I had a borrowed Gibson J-45 for a while, and when it was first loaned to me, it had nylon strings on it, so I have experience with a narrow neck and nylon strings. I kept them on it for a while, and later asked the owner if he'd mind if I put steel strings back on it... so I used it for a few months both ways before returning it to him once I received an Ovation for Christmas from my parents. I'm really jonesing for another J-45, and I have been for a couple of months. Actually, even longer than that - I did a pickup review a few years back and they sent a J-45 with it pre-installed for the review loaner, and it really impressed me. Then I heard the J-45 Studio a couple months ago and it really knocked me out too... but it's got the Advanced Response neck on it, which I hear is a bit larger than the SlimTaper necks that I generally prefer on Gibsons. But I'd really like a round shoulder Gibby acoustic, but one with the burst (like the one I first got serious on when I was a teenager) and one with a thin neck... so I'm thinking maybe a J-15 Walnut Burst... The nylon string is something that I don't currently have in my collection, and it's a sonic hole that really needs to be filled. We'll see if the Fender can do it sufficiently or if I'll have to look elsewhere. My daughter has an Ibanez nylon string with a narrower neck, and I like the playability of it a lot, but they don't make that model anymore, and the Fender seems to have the thinnest / narrowest nylon string neck currently available - hopefully I won't find it too narrow... but again, we'll see.
  16. BTW, I have a relatively "cheap" guitar incoming - it will probably arrive today. It's a Fender CN-60S nylon string. They sell for $200 new. It's got the narrowest neck of any nylon string guitar I could find, which is the main reason I wanted to try it. It's supposed to have a solid spruce top, and laminated mahogany back and sides. We'll see how it goes. I'll report back once I've had a chance to sterilize the cardboard box, open it up and give it a try.
  17. I tend to agree with you. If you're sure you're in it for the long haul, then I absolutely agree with jtr - don't waste your money getting something that is "kind of" what you want - buy what you really want to begin with if at all possible. Otherwise, you'll lose money when you eventually decide to sell / trade in your "make due" instrument to get what you really wanted anyway. But for beginners - especially for parents who may be considering getting an instrument for a child or teenager that they're not sure is going to stick with it, the trick is to get something decent enough that it won't impede their progress or that discourages them from trying to to play and practice because it's basically unplayable, but not so expensive that you're going to lose a bunch of money if your child loses interest.
  18. That looks really nice! HNUD! How is the tuning and tuning stability on it? I have been wanting to pick up a uke for quite some time, but still haven't gotten around to it. I'm thinking of getting either a tenor or a baritone - simply because they're the larger instruments, and I suspect they'll be easier to get into (and keep in) tune... but I don't really know much of anything about ukuleles...
  19. I definitely agree with the "heavy" suggestion. Lighter slides are much harder to use and to get a decent sound out of. The very first slide I tried was a commercially-made glass slide that was super-thin, and I almost gave up completely because it was so hard to get a decent sound out of it until I tried a heavier, thicker piece of glass... As far as raising the action, it can definitely help too. If you're thinking about getting into slide, one of these (a nut height extender) can really come in handy, and they're relatively inexpensive... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PerfectNut--grover-perfect-guitar-nut-height-extender And one of these may come in useful too... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SlideConvert--dunlop-capo-slide-converter
  20. I've got very little personal experience with Cordoba guitars, although I have a couple of friends who own one of their instruments and they speak pretty highly of them. I think that, based on what they've said, Cordoba makes pretty nice classical guitars, especially in their price ranges. IOW, don't expect them to be a Ramirez or something like that, but they're reportedly good guitars for the money.
  21. They say the bass line was a PPG Wave, plus the Prophet 5 for the synth brass sound. Thanks for the link!
  22. IIRC, they used a Jupiter 8 (or was it a Prophet 5?) on that track...
  23. Yup... slide is deeply personal. Bonnie Raitt wears hers on her “F-u” finger” (her words, not mine) while Duane Allman wore his on his on his ring finger, and others wear theirs on their pinkie...and of course there is also a wide range of slide material and positioning preferences too. There is no “right” way to play slide guitar IMO. Having said that, I use a vintage Coricidin bottle, and wear it on my ring finger, the way God and Duane Allman intended.
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