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  1. Thanks.. actually, membership seems to be trending up again, which we’d like to encourage, while trying to keep the spammers at bay. It is a balancing act, but I’ll see if maybe there are more words that we can add and maybe prevent a bit more from being visible. Gotta be careful though, because we don’t want to add words to the filter that some of you might use in the course of posting...
  2. Actually Glenn, you literally don’t see half of it, because whenever a spammer uses words that are on a trigger list, it automatically hides the post from public view, and requires mod approval. Unfortunately, we can’t put everything on that list without causing issues and delays for legit users, but obvious, common spam subjects are on it, and yes, we do use captchas and other verification tools... but spammers have ways to get around those sometimes too. Measure, countermeasure... same as it has always been, and I’ve been fighting spammers for decades now. There is literally no way to stop them for long. So I get my butt up at four so that at least it will be gone for the east coast folks by 7. If I could stay awake all night, I would... but then we’d have the daytime spam, which while not as heavy, is fairly constant and has to be deleted too...
  3. There is almost every morning. Moving the Acoustic Gtr forum higher on the list made it a target, just as other forums used to be when they were one of the top three or four on the list. I’m here every morning at around 4 am my time to delete it. Short of more moderators, or staying up all night, that’s about the best I can do...
  4. The iStrobostomp can use the phone's built-in mic. Works great for acoustic instruments, and even an electric if it's going through an amp that's at least as loud as an acoustic would be. I've even positioned the body of an unplugged electric so it's touching the phone, and was able to get it to work that way in a pinch.
  5. Active? Yes, I'd say so, based on the battery compartment in the back. And yes, it's an EMG, although I'm not sure what model. It might not even be stock - a previous owner may have had it installed to replace the stock pickup. They've used several different pickups in Dinkys - 81's, 85's, EMG HZ's, even some of Jackson's own pickups. BTW, welcome to HC!
  6. Yes they do. https://www.petersontuners.com/products/istrobosoft/ Regardless of OS, it's ten bucks. IMHO, it's money well spent. They also make a strobe clip-on tuner too. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/StroboClipHD--peterson-stroboclip-hd-clip-on-strobetuner-high-definition I also have one of Peterson's now-discontinued VS-II hardware strobe tuners. I really like their tuners - especially their ease of use and their accuracy. They're very good for intonating your instruments too.
  7. A basic Audio interface will take care of audio if that's what you need. Unfortunately, you can't really use an audio + MIDI interface with your Yamaha for simultaneous audio and MIDI recording since the Yamaha piano lacks standard 5-pin DIN MIDI jacks. For audio recording to your iOS device, you want an interface that is plug-and-play, and doesn't require drivers. Several audio interfaces fit the bill and are compatible with your iPad. You'll still need the Apple adapter in order to plug it into your iPad though. Any of the three units listed below (among others) will be compatible with your iPad for audio recording to it. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AudioBoxiTwo--presonus-audiobox-itwo-usb-audio-interface https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/iXR--tascam-ixr-2-ch-recording-interface https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UR22MKII--steinberg-ur22mkii-usb-audio-interface
  8. I use an app from Peterson called iStroboSoft. It's basically a Peterson strobe tuner in app form. I have it on both my iPad and my iPhone, so if someone needs to tune while we're working in the studio, I just hand them one or the other and away we go. I like it because I can teach someone how to use it in just a few seconds, and it's very accurate.
  9. To be fair, so are a lot of Fender Telecasters. I’ve played a few that were very heavy. Good info in your post. BTW, welcome to HC!
  10. Check out my review of the new Epiphone Vivian Campbell signature Les Paul... As always, if you have questions or comments about the guitar or the review, please post them here.
  11. Little. Yellow. Different? To find out, you'll need to read the review. As always, if you have questions or comments about the amp or the review, please feel free to post them here.
  12. FWIW, I've used ReRanch rattle cans on three different guitars (Seafoam, Fiesta Red and Shell Pink), and I was very happy with the products, and the color accuracy. I've been thinking about re-finishing my Squier Bass VI in Daphne blue - that's a great color choice! I'm not sure if this is still true or not, but they used to take a while to ship sometimes. IIRC, they are touring musicians and they run the business as a side gig when they're not on the road.
  13. Quick question - what's the value on those pots? If they came out of a previous Tele that had single-coils, they're probably 250k - you'll probably want to swap them for 500k pots if that's the case. They'll work much better with the humbuckers.
  14. I'd say it's a bit more than just a Moog Mini clone... it does have three oscillators, but they're numerically controlled, and have 17 wavetables, so there are more waveform options there. Plus it also has better (or at least more comprehensive) envelopes, as well as onboard effects... plus it's 8 voice polyphonic too.
  15. If it was red NEON, that might work...
  16. This looks interesting... and the price is really good too.
  17. Here's a good article with room acoustic tips written by legendary engineer Frank Filipetti. It's well worth a read IMO... https://www.prosoundnetwork.com/pro-sound-news-blog/grammy-winner-frank-filipetti-in-his-personal-mix-space Feel free to discuss his suggestions.
  18. Not digging the red so much... I’d go with white or black.
  19. I like the Cabronita style guard - that will look nice with the humbuckers.
  20. Looks like seafoam to me. That color has always had a bit of a bluish cast to it IMO... it will get greener as it ages - especially if it has clear lacquer top coats.
  21. I've never worked on one, so I'm not sure where they hid the electronic circuit (near the capsule? near the output jack?) but E/V does have the schematic online, and there's only one diode in the circuit... here's a link to the PDF: https://www.electrovoice.com/binary/BK-1 EDS.pdf
  22. Since you can use those kinds of systems as an (acoustic) instrument amp, I can leave this here... but they're both really more all-in-one PA systems, as opposed to amps. You might get more responses if I move this to the Live Sound forum. Your call... just let me know if you'd like me to move the thread to that forum. Oh, and I've used the Bose at a party once (and I wasn't really crazy about it), but I've never tried the Behringer version.
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