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  1. Yeah, I don’t think I’d even bother with physical units in any form these days... okay, MAYBE vinyl if that’s something that appeals to a part of your market, but the vast majority of the action nowadays is in streaming.
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    Interesting looking bass. Once you have a chance to plug it in, please let us know how the pickups sound in those rather unorthodox locations...
  3. The solo was played by Tony Peluso. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Peluso It was Richard Carpenter’s idea for him to play the melody for five bars, then “rip it up”, and I think that was a brilliant production decision on his part. The resulting solo is proof positive IMO that a solo doesn’t have to be long to be effective. I think what Tony did was perfect for the song.
  4. I suppose it would be nice to hear an extended version, but the version on the actual recording is pretty great as-is.
  5. Onboard preamp batteries inside your guitar are typically turned "on" whenever the cable is plugged into the guitar - there's usually a switch built into the output jack that disconnects the battery whenever the cable is disconnected. To make the battery last as long as possible, make sure you unplug the cable whenever you're not actually using the guitar. If you do that, you'll probably be able to get 200 playing hours - or close to it - out of a single battery. If you leave the cable plugged into the guitar all the time, the battery will die within a very short period of time - around 200 hours or so.
  6. True... plus there's also the issue of the speed the individual users have from their ISP. I have a fairly fast pipe (FiOS, with supposedly 100 mbps up / down, although it never quite achieves that speed), but not everyone does, and the weak link is usually their upload speed.
  7. Nylon strings are definitely easier on the fingers than even the lightest acoustic steel string gauges, and that can take away one of the things that sometimes discourages new students - the "it hurts my fingers!" complaint. My only concern as far as that goes is the fact that nylon strings tend to have less tuning stability than steel strings do - especially when they're new. However, now that I've played them in a bit, I can report that the tuning stability on the Fender CN-60S is about as good as any other nylon string guitar I've ever played, and the strings are staying in tune reasonably well now. Still, if I was instructing a beginner who opted for a nylon string guitar, the very first thing I'd do is to make sure they had a good tuner (or a decent tuner app for their smart phone) and teach them how to use it - and the importance of using it regularly.
  8. I hadn't heard about the Body Rez pedal before now, so I went hunting for a demo (and the price) and they've got a really good demo of it on the Sweetwater page. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/BodyRez--tc-electronic-bodyrez-acoustic-pickup-enhancer-pedal Looks like a cool addition for ~$100. I may just have to grab one of those. IMO it doesn't really do anything to eliminate the dreaded piezo quack in the highs, but it does make the lows and low mids sound more natural IMO.
  9. I don't know for certain, but I'd be very surprised if you can't order replacement ferrules from Schecter. Here's their email address: info@schecterguitars.com You can also reach out to them and ask them via their Contact Us page on their website... https://www.schecterguitars.com/about#Contact If you have one or more of the original ferrules, you can measure it with a set of digital calipers (handy to have, and available for between $10 and $20 at most Home Depot or Harbor Freight stores) and see if the dimensions match the ferrules that are available from StewMac. https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/All_Hardware_and_Parts_by_Instrument/Electric_Guitar_Parts/Electric_Guitar_String_and_Neck_Ferrules/Guitar_String_Ferrules.html https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/All_Hardware_and_Parts_by_Instrument/Electric_Guitar_Parts/Electric_Guitar_String_and_Neck_Ferrules/Flush-fit_Guitar_String_Ferrules.html Fender style ferrules are available at
  10. The biggest issue IMHO is latency. It's been the major hindrance for real-time music interaction online. The more distant the collaborator, the worse it tends to be. Acceptable latency for video conferencing Target values for acceptable video conference performance are 150 ms latency, 40 ms jitter and 1% or less packet loss. Latency includes a fixed component related to the network transmission path length, so physical distance makes this parameter somewhat difficult to control. https://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/tip/Video-conferencing-bandwidth-requirements-for-the-WAN Some people get annoyed when their DAW has ~20 ms or more of latency, and most find 150 ms to be too annoying to deal with. I'd love to have something that would allow two people, or even better, groups of people to interact and jam together in real time, and I'd definitely be an advocate for adding that functionality to HC, but AFAIK, the technology just doesn't exist that allows that in a seamless, non-buggy, latency-free way. Please feel free to correct me if you know of a system that actually does work.
  11. Yeah, I’d love to see some pictures too!
  12. I'm sorry, but I disagree - it looks like a spring clip to me that's intended to serve as a solder point while holding fast to the bolt. YMMV. Edit - I see that issue has already been addressed. The springs should be easy to find... the rubber parts may prove to be more difficult - you might have to self-fabricate something to serve as a workable replacement.
  13. Yes, it looks like a CE 24, but unlike any CE 24 that I've seen before. The maple neck and the birds are different. As Daddymack suggested, you should email PRS - I'm sure they can tell you.
  14. I have owned several of them over the years. At one point they were one of the best options available for live acoustic guitar use, but IMO they don't usually sound as good as an all-wood guitar (at least not acoustically), and of course lots of guitars have high-quality electronics in them today, so they're less essential for playing live than they once were. They do tend to have nice necks on them, and if the rounded back doesn't bother you, they do play well. I never really minded the round back personally, and I've owned all of the body sizes at one point or another, from deep bowls to super shallow bowl models from their Applause, Ovation and Elite lines. I've never owned an Adamas though.
  15. I used to be the manager of a musical instrument and musical instrument electronics repair shop. We were a factory-authorized repair center for many major brands, and we worked on everything from MIDI devices (keyboards, drum machines) to guitars, amps, pedals, PA systems, recording equipment... "Heating" is NOT a valid method of repairing musical electronic equipment. As I said previously, electronics have a few arch-enemies, and one of them is excessive heat. Heating the bottom / base plate of a drum machine in order to "fix it" is NOT a technique that ANY reputable / knowledgeable electronics technician / repair person is going to use.
  16. I believe it is - it's just a way of holding the ground wire to the bolt.
  17. Send it to Boss / Roland and see if they can fix it. Short of that, throw it away and buy a new one. I believe I cautioned you about the dangers inherent in some of your very questionable "repair methods." https://www.harmonycentral.com/forums/topic/1953765-the-stoke-wheel-on-my-boss-dr-3-skips/ Sorry to hear that they resulted in what I was afraid they'd result in - a ruined drum machine.
  18. They are really good for layering with a guitar (like the Epiphone) that has regular full-sized humbuckers; they take up a different frequency range and the combination really sounds great together. Hey, it worked for Scott Gorham and Thin Lizzy, right? Nice set of new guitars you have there - congratulations!
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    You're welcome.
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