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  1. Lots to choose from here on the cheap https://www.ebay.com/sch/barryclarkmusic/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= I just bought 2 blems from him and the flaws would pass as first quality anywhere else. You can't beat Ibanez from a bang for the buck and the discounted pricing on these blems is just a bonus. I have been buying guitars from this seller for over 10 years and he is very trust-worthy. You can pick up the phone and call him at his music store in Tomah, WI also. I have only owned one Ibanez LP, an ART400 with active pickups. Great guitar but sounded terrible. due to the active pickups. There are also a couple new Michael Kelly Patriot Decree guitars listed, a Caramel Burst flametop, the other a Honey Burst flametop. I am really enjoying my Decree Black Vapor. Good pickups, Grover tuners, coil split switching and gig worthy. In this case, I think you'd find the Michael Kelly the better guitar if its a Les Paul style you're after.The Caramel Burst (darker one) one is listed for $238 OBO plus shipping. New but open box. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Michael-Kelly-Patriot-Decree-Electric-Guitar-Caramel-Burst/114139207064?hash=item1a933a1598:g:iVUAAOSw96leIz94 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-Michael-Kelly-Patriot-Decree-Electric-Guitar-Honey-Burst/184232001816?hash=item2ae5154118:g:TU0AAOSw7gleU7tm
  2. Is that Ampeg a reissue? If an original, that is a one in a million. Those were great amps. Also, I bet that Twin Reverb with the JBL's is a monster!!! I got one on loan once when my amp was in the shop. The cleans never stopped no matter how loud.
  3. Tuck 'n' Roll Kustom FTW! What model is that? In high school, I had a K150 bass head (w. tremolo and reverb!) and a bandmaster bottom that I installed a pair of switchable piezo tweeters into. I took it to a car interior guy who did the tuck 'n' roll on it to match the head. I wired the piezos to an extra foot switch. Loudest amp I ever owned and ear-piercing too. Nailed that Creedence Clearwater tone. Really cool cast of players in those guitars too!
  4. Yes. There is a painting at that link similar to the one he did for me but with more colors.
  5. Yeah its a cool piece I found at Home Goods one day in their clearance section. The "box" was painted semi-gloss gray and just didn't look right but I loved the multi-colored "tool box" look which are actually upper drawers and the bottom are door panels that open to an interior with shelves. The "tool boxes" were faux aged but the cabinet was oddly gloss painted and banged up … a bargain. I liked the way the colored "tool-boxes" went with a guitar painting I got a few years back by Sergio Lazo. He does a lot of abstract guitar acylic paintings and I had him paint a "one-off" for me of a Strat and Les Paul in earth tones. I recently refinished the cabinet after having painted it taupe as pictured. It had no character, so I faux aged it and painted in some simulated knots to look the part. Lazo Art
  6. Thanks! The Tele is burl walnut with a Fender walnut neck that I veneered a burl walnut overlay on to match the body. It is ready to assemble now. I'm not crazy about the pickup rings though. I paid through the nose for real ebony and they look like black plastic. Probably going to just go with the gold or silver back-painted Gretsch rings instead.
  7. Yeah, it's a mixed blessing. Certainly bringing families closer and rediscovering activities like board games and lots of together time. The Strat with the streaks in it is a 3 piece walnut body. Updated picture below is with a neck I hand picked for it, American walnut with a tigerwood fretboard. I gave the body a hand rubbed Danish oil finish and will use a satin lacguer on the neck. Debating about leaving the headstock in plain walnut or veneering with American walnut that has the blond streaks similar to the body.
  8. I'm hunkered down and just sitting and strumming in my music room. Got enough guitars to keep me occupied though! I'm also building some partscasters to pass the time. Pics of a few below that I mocked up and will proceed assembling shortly. What are you guys doing to keep busy?
  9. I don't trust it. My go-to is always Mineral Spirits. Low odor, safe on plastics an easily removes sticker glue residue.
  10. Thanks guys! I am really enjoying them during this "lockdown".
  11. In my ongoing effort to stimulate our economy, 2 new purchases have arrived. Ibanez Artstar AM153QA in dark brown sunburst. What a guitar. Quilted/burl ash semi-hollow construction, 3 piece nyatoh/maple neck, beautifully rounded and polished fret ends, ebony fretboard, Super 58 pickups and series/split switching for the neck pickup. This guitar really rings my bell. I love the smaller body size and the fact that it has it's own distinctive shape rather than looking like a 2/3 sized 335 like the Gibson 339. The ash body makes it bright and dynamic and with the tone dialed back, it is smooth and creamy like an LP. What a great guitar. I've not owned or played an Artstar before, but I get it now. The second to arrive was a Michael Kelly Patriot Decree in Black Vapor finish. I have owned a couple of Michael Kelly Patriot Customs in the past but sold them thinking I had to have a Gibson Les Paul. Something about these guitars keeps me coming back though, and the Black Vapor finish pushed me over the edge. This guitar was a bargain. South Korean-flawless build quality, perfect setup out of the box and both LP (mahogany body and neck with maple cap) and Tele tones (coil splits and through body stringing) The pickups are very good and the coil splits have almost no volume drop so are perfectly usable. This is a very impressive guitar and it really is a joy to play.
  12. I am a big fan of Ibanez guitars. I own an AEG315 (electric acoustic), AF85VLS (jazz box) and AS93FMT (335 style). and all are fine guitars. I recently purchased an Artstar AM153QA (small doublecut semi-hollow) that is just exceptional. I am not a fan of Epiphone guitars. I have never owned one that I haven't felt the need to change out the pickups with the exception of my Casino which came with Gibson USA electronics. Even the newest pickup iteration (ProBuckers) sound like you are playing through your amp with the cover on. If all you play is high gain stuff, it probably matters less, but played cleanly, they have a muffled, honking mid-rangey tone. I have sold every Epiphone I have ever owned except the Casino. This includes a Dot, Dot Deluxe, LP Plus-top and Ultra III. I never liked the flattened back profile on the necks and of course the electronics. I have owned a couple Michael Kelly Patriot Customs over the years and they were good guitars. I sold one, missed it and bought another exactly the same (cherry sunburst) but decided I really wanted a Gibson Les Paul and sold it. Something about them keeps calling me back though. I picked up this brand new, made in Korea Decree for under $300 incl. shipping. It has a graphite nut and ebony fretboard, coil split push-pulls and a wild burl top with transparent black back. It was set up perfectly right out of the box and even though the pickups are not the higher end Rockfields that came in the Custom, I like these better. The single coil settings do not have the huge volume drop that they had on the 2 customs I owned. I really think this is a sleeper of a guitar and the build quality is perfect.
  13. Nice guitar! Yeah, the pickups (ACH-1&2) are blandville. I'm a big fan of the Super '58's that are in my AS93 though. I have a set of Giovanni (GH1&2) that I'll probably put in mine.
  14. Well, both arrived safe and sound. Kudos to Barry Clark Music in Tomah, WI and Pronto Pawn in Mobile AL for prompt shipping and good packing. The good: Both guitars are drop dead gorgeous and look even better in person than the pics. The Ibanez AF85VLS plays and sounds great. Just needed intonation and action adjust. The Ibanez AEG315FMH sounds great unplugged and amplified. Been a long time since I've played a decent acoustic. What amazes me is that not only are the top and back bookmatched but they also match the grain patterns (streaks and chevron flame) front to back. Just incredible workmanship on both! Lotta bang for little bucks. The bad: The downer is that the action is high and nut was cut too shallow on the 3 low strings (high strings are fine) making chording way more work than. First fret action on the low E is .025". Other than that it is great. I will have to file the nut slots slightly and also fine the bridge saddle (both are none by the way). The pics:
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