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  1. Do yourself a favor and pick up a Squier Bullet Mustang (there's a brand new surf green one on ebay for $129) They are better guitars by a mile.
  2. Looks like a great start for your project. That body looks like it will be easy to strip and get ready to a finish. If cost is a consideration, GFS sells surface mount pickups also, the NYII (single coils) and NYIII (humbuckers). Their Filtertron clones look like a drop-in fit also. What finish do you have in mind for the body?
  3. That explains it! lol No, I love Gibson guitars. Everyone likes to rip on them but despite their faults (actual or perceived), they have something all the others lack. You pick one up and plug it in and immediately think "Wow, I get it now". My LP, 335 and 137 are my second most prized (I consider them equals) guitars. My Gretsch Country Classic though, will always remain on the throne!
  4. I am surprised at the lack of adhesion between the finish and the wood on that MIJ. I don't even see a trace of Fullerplast (white) primer unless it just peeled off too. It looks more like powdercoat than paint. Those Fenders have some thick finish on them. If you send that one back, I'll bet you can buy a brand new Vintera in OTM with matching headstock for the same money.
  5. Seriously, who buys stuff that looks like that? Did you get it for half the going price? There are too many nice guitars out there to settle for one that is coming apart at the seams figuratively and literally.
  6. Your Ventura appears to be a later, more contemporary design than the ones I owned which were late '60's manufacture. I would expect your neck and playability would be more in line with what we have become accustomed to in a modern guitar. The Maxon pickups were a better quality than many of the early Japanese pickups. The better Japanese guitars of the era used them.
  7. I went through a phase where I bought a couple guitars from that era. I picked up a Conrad, a Domino Dawson and a Granada. They were all in mint condition. I set them up and got good playable action and replaced the roller bridges with modern tune-o-matics which really made a big difference in the way they sounded. I put the original bridges back on for the pics when I sold them. I just didn't play them because they had really narrow (broom handle) necks that crowded the strings together and they didn't sound all that great with the original pickups. My modern hollow and semi-hollows just played and sounded way better and I just didn't find a use for them. Mine had single coils on two of them and mini-humbuckers on one.
  8. Nice guitar. I have a Guild Bluesbird like that. I think it looks much nicer than the overdone yellow. Kind of makes you wonder about Epiphone's QC though. How do they let a guitar with the wrong finish slip through the cracks?
  9. Also, Ibanez guitars of that era were made exclusively by Hoshino Gakki based in Nagoya Japan. Hoshino Gakki owns Ibanez and did not manufacture guitars for other companies or under other brands. Maxon branded pickups were used in lots of Japanese guitars including Greco and Elektra.
  10. Matsumoku-made guitars: Exclusive (Made only by Matsumoku): Arai, Aria, Aria Diamond, Electra, Stewart, Tempo, Ventura, Westbury Contract Manufacturing (Made by Matsomoku and also by others) for: Columbus, Conrad, Domino, Epiphone, Greco, GUYATONE, Ibanez, Washburn (Wing-and Stage-series), Westone, Yamaha ... As an example, Conrad guitars were made by both Matsumoku and Kasuga depending on the model. Sales Brands (Made and sold by Matsumoku): Arita, Barclay, Cimar, Custom, Dia, El Maya, Fell, Gallan, Gigan, Hi.Lo, Howard, Lindberg, Lyle, Luxor, Maxitone, Maya, Mayfair, Montclair, Pan, P. visitors, Raven, Sekova, Skylark, Univox , Vision, Volhox
  11. Sorry, I just got out of the shower while playing through my tube amp. Did I miss anything?
  12. This solution to a non-problem creates more complications than it solves. I wouldn't want a mini-switch for a pickup selector. You don't have enough leverage or length on the switch stem to make a pickup selection on the fly. I like to use the cheek or heel of my picking hand to bump the toggle on the down stoke or upstroke making a seamless change when I want it. You can't do that with a mini-toggle. You have to interrupt your picking/strumming (like us Rhythm players do) to place a finger below or above the stubby little stem and snap it up or down. They don't move smoothly like even a cheap full size toggle does.
  13. Candy Apple Red was first made available as a Custom Color in 1963, though Fender is known to have custom painted Stratocasters for high profile players (Mary Kaye is a case in point). CAR was a custom, candy color, show-car paint that used a gold base coat and a translucent red color coat. Fender has offered '57 Vintage Reissues in CAR in a number of times and is currently available on 57 Custom Shop reissues so there must have been examples of CAR on '57 Stratocasters, but then again, the reissues don't have period accurate necks or fingerboard radius either so who knows. Right now I'm leaning towards the sunburst body for the '57 AVRI. Honestly, I like it better than I ever liked the Mary Kaye finish anyway and the burst pattern and colors are pretty much on point. The CAR will be another build and will get a rosewood board neck and a matching CAR headstock like a '60's would wear. Both bodies are flawless and I got both bodies for less than than the price of a veneered, 3 color burst MIM body from Fender.
  14. My beloved Mary Kaye '57 AVRI has become sun damaged. I keep it in a room with only indirect sun and I noticed it had yellowed very unevenly, looking like the nicotine-stained pics dentists used to display in the offices. Don't get me wrong, I get aged finishes, but this one is just uneven and looks like hell. I decided to pick up another body to use while I refinish the original. I bought a Squier CV '50's body in white blonde thinking it was a slam dunk replacement. Thanks to the seller's photoshopped pics, what appeared to be white blonde arrived looking more like Calypso Coral! I looked at it for a couple days, decided I couldn't stand it and got eBay involved and got my money back. The seller obviously was dumping it due to the color as it looked brand new. I circled an area which the seller claimed was a shadow, not discolor. You have to question everything. He claimed the body was a take-off he just "happened across". Seller's pic ... nice and white, right? On my "bench" it was very, very pink! I decided Mary Kaye White was out and dug up pics of 2 original '57 Strats to decide on a new color. I couldn't decide so I bought bodies in both colors ... the odd man out will be a build for another day. Here is a mockup of both, which go you guys favor?
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