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  1. Thank you all for your replies. This thread is very informative. Much appreciated.
  2. Ok, cool. Thanks daddymack and mrbrown49. Your replies were very helpful. lol @ 1001gear. That's funny stuff.
  3. I recently bought a Dunlop flare guitar slide (No. 234 to be exact). The guitar associate at Guitar Center told me that the Flared side should go over my knuckle down to the base of my finger, while the non flared side should be pointing up. But then I just watched a video of Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle on Youtube giving a lesson for their song "Judith." In this song there is a slide part, and he has a flare guitar slide with the flared side facing up and the non flared side resting on his knuckle instead of over his knuckle to the base of his finger. Was the guitar associate at Guitar Center wrong and Billy Howerdel right? Or can it be worn either way based on preference. Thanks.
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