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  1. Long skinny ones. I probably haven’t changed strings on any of my guitars 🎸 in years.
  2. Hey, if you want to do coffee when I'm in town next week, let me know. Feel free to invite any others here that live there too.

    1. Yakburger


      Thanks Rob. I would but we are so busy with a remodel trying to get ready since daughter is coming home for holidays and we’re having Christmas at our house this year. Catching a ferry from Whidbey and going downtown is a whole day deal for me. But thanks for the offer and maybe next time you’re in Seattle or if I ever come to Kentucky. :)

    2. RobRoy


      We're going to Seattle to see my first blood grandbaby. So there will be many more trips here coming in the future. And yes, if you are ever  going to Kentucky we'll have a bourbon on the porch and shoot at some varmints. 😋

    3. RobRoy


      BTW, I hope the family isn't too much work, and you get to enjoy some of it. My daughter wasn't in a sort of funk country band called deception past, BTW.

  3. The very first electric guitar I ever played was a Harmony, back in the 60s. I borrowed from a girl who played in a band with my best friend, who was the drummer. I gave it back after a while because my mom wouldn't fork out the $25 the girl wanted for it. My first acoustic was a nylon string that I bought at Woolworths not long after that. I think it was $20 new.
  4. I know folks diss Coldplay a lot but they have some great sounding recordings. Give a listen to Rush of Blood to the Head and you'll see what I mean.
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