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  1. I’m a huge tele fan and I approve. I had a little ‘59 at the bridge of a strat that was my main guitar for a while in the classic rock cover band I played in years ago. It’s a great sounding and versatile pu.
  2. Darn good reason to reactivate my Sirius subscription. Or not....
  3. And it's a darn good thing for me....lol.
  4. I saw him years ago opening for George Carlin. He was accompanied by a trombone and an upright bass and it was very good. RIP Leon.
  5. I have the original telecaster that I bought used back in 1968 and it’s the only guitar I could ever want. It sits on a stand next to my chair in the family room and gets played almost every day.
  6. Well, I'm a telecaster guy now but in the past a couple got away for me and they were both Les Pauls. Back in my playing days I had a cherry burst Les Paul standard with Seymour Duncan pus and itjust sounded fantastic and played nicely. I traded it and some $$$ for my thinline tele. The other was a nice goldtop that my wife's sister's boyfriend was selling for $800 which was mint. I passed on it and my bandmate bought it instead. He traded it to his brother for a '68 Stratocaster. My wife reminds me every once in a while about that goldtop I should've bought. It's the only guitar she has ever shown interest in.
  7. Great minds and all that....see below.
  8. I know it's not 100% TP but I always think of him when I hear this one..... [video=youtube;UMVjToYOjbM]
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