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  1. Yep. Somebody somewhere is making money off of this crap, else they wouldn't be doing it.
  2. I suspect that he found one by now. He posted that back in 2011. <facepalm>
  3. It has been said (Maybe by some guy named Somagyi?) that the lighter and thinner a guitar is built, the better it will sound. I once built a guitar out of .001 inch thick baldered ash (nod to idunno) and toothpicks for braces. It sounded like a chorus of angels in heaven. Unfortunately I only got to hear it for about ten minutes tho. It blew up shortly after I strung it up. Damn near killed me. Before you ask, no, I didn't get any recordings. Terrible loss to humanity. 😢
  4. Interesting conversation. My first guitar was a brand new Sears Silvertone for Christmas. Within six months of owning it, its action grew to over a half inch. It was years before I got a real guitar. True story. I should have been so lucky as to have the likes of a Rogue. Damn, I could have been as good as Tony Rice if it wasn't for that.
  5. It'll hold string tension. It'll make music. With a decent setup, it'll play as easy as the best. What it won't have is the refined tone of a higher quality guitar. It has no snob appeal. Oh yeah, it's very affordable.
  6. Ding ding ding ding. We have a winner!
  7. Same as before: I have to guess that this has been posted here before, but I can't remember seeing it before. A really thorough tour of Taylor Guitars with Bob Taylor... and also produced by none other than Musician's Friend (Harmony Central)... in 2010. There's four parts to this one, and yes, a lot of it is Bob Taylor boasting. Kinda cool otherwise though. You've seen the way Martin does it. Now look at how Taylor does it. Quite a contrast.
  8. I have to guess that this has been posted here before, but I can't remember seeing it before. A really thorough tour of Martin Guitars with Dick Boak... and produced by none other than Musician's Friend (Harmony Central)... in 2010. There's six parts to it, and yes, a lot of it is Chris Martin boasting. Kinda cool otherwise though. I guess it would help if I put the link to it in here.
  9. What model Shubb capo do you have? Shubb makes several different models of capos for several different applications. I'm betting you have a S1 or C1 for standard necks. Not surprising that it won't fit on a fat neck. Before you butcher up your guitar's neck, maybe you should try the S3 or C3 model. They are specifically designed for 12 strings or just guitars with thick necks. You can peruse what they have to offer here at the Shubb website. BTW, you can bend a Shubb capo to change the range of neck thicknesses it will clamp onto.
  10. The changes broke every link and bookmark in all of my computers. They all led to the dreaded, "file not found," type page. Fortunately, it was a simple matter to update them.
  11. It appears that I overlooked this. It has been one of my pet peeves. Kudos to you and the team for fixing these things!
  12. I wonder just how many members will not be back because their bookmark link no longer works. Yes, there are people like that out there. And still no quick link from the topic list to the last page of a thread. <Facepalm>
  13. Since maintaining proper humidity in that house is not likely, you'll have to keep your guitar in its case, with some kind of in-case humidifier. It can be as simple as a damp sponge in a perforated travel soap container. Do a search of "guitar humidifiers." You'll find dozens of other means to keep your guitar humidified in its case, priced from about five bucks on up. I would lean towards Oasis, Planet Waves, Dampit. BTW, a cheap digital hygrometer (starting at around ten bucks) is useful for keeping tabs on the humidity level in the case or in the room.
  14. The Guardian CG-020-OS might be worth a look at. Available on Amazon for a little over a hundred bucks. http://guardiancases.com/cg020.html
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