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  1. Pretty old thread n Ashdown. I haz a 22 year old ABM 500 4x10 combo bass amp made in the UK. Zero issues. Mine was made when Ashdown was first getting started and made everything in the UK. Not only is the track record important, but you kind of get what you pay for.
  2. My Ricky gas got a bit worse, but It too my 20 years to fix it. When I thought needed Toaster Pups I though the action could have been better on the 350, and when I went to take off the truss rod cover the paint came off the cover. I sent the cover back in and the Halls took care off me.. I like the 350V63 a lot, but the middle pick is in the way of my picking. The 330 is still my fav, all and all. I actually don't have that many guitars, not as many as some may think. My thing is I don't sell them. So if I own it, I own it and it's a keeper. Amps for me were a bit different. I may pick up a 12" speaker Princeton some day. If it happens it happens. Don't own a Martin D 28 either. That could be on the list.
  3. I have a ES 135 with classic 57 pups. They have thick fat necks. Not my favorite, but they sound nice.
  4. Solved my 12 electric gas a long time ago.
  5. Nice. I would have done the exact same way. Not really, but killer job.
  6. I still haven't had a trim in almost a tears and a half. Saving money.
  7. I start usually with the lyrics of what I want to say. Grab my guitar and start stummin. Even Elton had a lyricist. When you write try not to worry to much about all the details and the end product. Just write Riffing is difficult to lyrics unless there's a few folks working on a tune or you do it with a lopper.
  8. I have all 3 amps. The 65 DRRI is a great amp, my BJ is a Tweed one with a different speaker and I also have a 65 PRRI. I have gigged with all of them. You can play a small gig with the PRRI, and I have un mic-ed. They are an ok amp, at about 4-5 on the volume knob, they don't really sound better. At now a retail price of a grand, I'm not sure if they are worth it. They back a 12" speaker one too, as so many folks were modding it anyway. You actually have to try it and see if it works for you. It worked for me in this small bar, but I pushed it with pedals. I'd look at the 12" speaker on in burgundy tolex that MF has. SW has there own 12" speaker one too.
  9. I have a 57 old reissue that that finished cracked a bit after only a year. Great color. I'd keep it. If you got it at a decent price. I don't think it's going anywhere. Road wore to classic relic. You'll get there someday. I left a leather strap on a candy apple 62 reissues that I have. lifted the finish a bit on the back. Didn't take long either. You kind of never know what's under a painted finish, as paint hides a world of sin.
  10. He's getting a Yamaha Revstar RS520T in black. May be a Epiphone Wilshire P-90s, but the G&LTribute best fits the bill. He figured this out about 2 second after hitting Submit Reply.
  11. I have never purchased a guitar or not purchased a guitar because of the neck inlays. Here's the SG that does have Trap inlays, they came out in 2016. However it was never made in Black https://reverb.com/item/36691607-gibson-sg-standard-p-90-hp-2016 http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/USA/SG-Standard-P-90.aspx I have an SG made in 1980 with the small block inlays, but with Humbuckers. He doesn't want a Bigsby either. I have Bigsbys on my Gretsch guitars. I love em If I did another Gretsch I might do the Falcon in Blue
  12. MIght work for ya. Here's my pick. 10 years ago Gibson did a line of SG's called the SG Classic. They sold for 700 bucks new, but you needed to by a case for one, as they didn't come with a case. They have kind of an old skool chubby Gibson neck. Reverb has them, but they are fetching more money 10 years later than they were new. I have one, and another SG with humbuckers. Inspired by the 1960s SG Special, the Gibson SG Classic Electric Guitar with P-90 Pickups re-creates the look and sound of the most influential guitar in both Britain and the U.S. during the psychedelic era. It has the original all-mahogany body, dual P-90 pickups, and a bound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. Comes with Gibson gigbag and weighs 6lbs 1oz Instrument: Electric GuitarBrand: GibsonEra: 2010s They came in Cherry or in Black. and look like this. I guess they did Trapezoidal inlays too, but mine has the dots with a bound neck. I know the classic was a Musician Friend/ Guitar Center run that Gibson did. I Here's a black one. The video replies says the trapezoidal inlays ae not an SG Classic, but a Standard SG with P90's If you don't mind and can live with out black and the block inlays. Gibson still makes this. Pelham Blue is freaking way cool if yo ask me. Epiphone has and SG with P90's too
  13. Don't bother even trying to gig in Massachusetts. We have governors orders to close up everything at 9:30pm. Everyone much be at home by 10pm. I took a retirement job with an essential transportation company. It's actually a cool job, but nowhere near as cool as playing out. Pfizer, Moderna and now AstraZeneca just releases some very promising info as of yesterday. https://apnews.com/article/astrazeneca-vaccine-third-cheaper-oxford-c99d26eb2946f6fde45a1edc002ff028 The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 in one of the dosing regimens tested; it was less effective in another. Earlier this month, rival drugmakers Pfizer and Moderna reported preliminary results from late-stage trials showing their vaccines were almost 95% effective. While the AstraZeneca vaccine can be stored at 2 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius (36 degrees to 46 degrees Fahrenheit), the Pfizer and Moderna products must be stored at freezer temperatures. In Pfizer’s case, it must be kept at the ultra-cold temperature of around minus-70 degrees Celsius (minus-94 Fahrenheit). The AstraZeneca vaccine is also cheaper.
  14. https://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/high-power/super-distortion This pickup started a sound revolution. Replacement pickups simply didn’t exist before the invention of the Super Distortion® in the early Seventies. The Super Distortion® (and its original 3-conductor version, the Dual Sound®) was the first pickup specifically designed to kick a tube amp into total overdrive, and is still the standard by which all other high-output pickups are measured. The Super Distortion® has a perfect blend of power and tone: both single-notes and chords jump out of the amp and fill the room (or the track) with a wall of sound. The balance of tones is classic — thick, boosted mids, big lows and fat highs. This is the sound you’ve heard for over three decades on platinum records, from players as varied as Ace Frehley, Al Di Meola, and Paul Gilbert. It’s also versatile: 4-conductor wiring allows instant access to Strat®-like split and series-parallel modes. Discover what thousands of great players know: the Super Distortion® is the best all ’round high-power pickup ever made. I'm not sure if Dimarzio offers a P90 like Humbucker sized pick up but Duncan does. https://www.seymourduncan.com/single-product/phat-cat I hope this helps
  15. even better photos for the manual https://www.fishman.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Matrix-Infinity-Preamp-Installation-Guide.pdf
  16. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/396770/Fishman-Acoustic-Matrix-Natural-I.html#manual
  17. PRS. I have one and it plays like a mofo. Minty shape and probably not worth what I paid for it some 20 years ago. 10 Top and birdies too, fat wide neck. I'll keep it another 20 if need be. It can sit in the closet for all I care.
  18. On that note, I have a Gretsch Single cut Jet too. The TV Jones pick up are freaking amazing. I actually have 2 Gretsch Guitars, the other being a Tenny Rose. I would hesitate even getting another one if the funding was there. Something like a Falcon, mix fix what I am lacking. TV Jones makes a Humbucker mounted pick up too. I have no idea what they sound like. https://tvjones.com/starwood-humbucker-bridge-with-covers/#product-tab-addition-148 That's pretty nice sounding on that Les Paul. Way different than Gibson Humbuckers, but not in a bad way.
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