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  1. The famous DreamWay Lodge has a no copywrite infringement thing. I have played only originals there. Nice mug shot
  2. Your cheapest way out might be a good old fashion passive DI box. They still make them. That way you can plug right into the PA. That is if there's a channel on the PA for you to do so.
  3. I have a few Shubbs capo's and they are nice, but you are correct, they don't clip on to the head stock when you are not using them. I also have a few Kyser capos, and I like them too. However eventually the spring will break, it could even snap when putting it on you guitar and put a nice dent in the neck. Happened. Now to top it off, I was given a G7. They are nice too, but very heavy. I'm old enough to remember these, and have used them.
  4. The show must go on. Next time around you'll know.
  5. The kids grew up and moved out of the house. Music is dead, everyone what's to be a gamer now.
  6. Why not have an electronics guy look at the speaker with the buzz in it. Could be a cheap fix. like a capacitor or a cold solder joint.
  7. My Taylor GS mini's came in a Taylor gig bag. They are now in SBK cases made exclusively for the GS mini. The gig bags I put in the attic. They are no Cali girl case, but are very protective.
  8. I never used a Beheringer anything. I use Mogami cable when I plug in. George L's on my pedal board.
  9. Yep Fender once gave me some solid state amp free for buying a American Strat. I sold the amp. Stiill have the Strat.
  10. I know you weren't. It was a very over used name for Fender.
  11. I have a Blackface Princeton RI. It kind of is what it is. Getting kind of pricey they are.
  12. The Princeton has a phone jack out. Get an a/b/y box and run both amps at the same time. Mess with the sound guys head. Send him right to a shrink, on a fat military section 8.
  13. It's got a line out too. 2 of them, so now you sound guy can run your set up in stereo. It's a win-win. Remember the Fender Champ tweed has a 8" speaker. Look at what Clapton did with that amp. I have a Gibson Les Paul Jr with an 8" speaker and it rawks. I think I paid 200 bucks for it new.
  14. Damn right he could. Tasty playing for sure.
  15. I haz a Vox that has programing on it. Cost me 80 buckeroos for the multi button foot swithceroo Cheap amp option. Line / headphono out https://reverb.com/p/vox-ad30vt https://reverb.com/p/vox-ad30vt
  16. A mic was the cheapest and best option. Roland makes great boat anchors, for people that are weak and don't care about tone. And just so you stay on vacation. Pay attention to your bride. By the time these pics load on the ship, you should be back home.
  17. Your starting to sound like a roadie and not a rock star. Or a little lottery hit. Meyer Sound or QSC. We can talk in the green room. The art museum here uses Meyer Sound Products. Played through the smaller Meyer PA. It came with a sound guy. You'll still want a good board and some USB High definition computer monitor. Don't spend all your lottery winning, you still want a box truck with a power lift.
  18. Get 2 of them and make the sound guy run both amps in stereo.
  19. Everything I guess deserves a look. Most Mesa amps have a recording line out. Maybe this Got a bigger budget burning a hole in your britches.
  20. They told me the small 8" one is all I would need for small to med venues. I probably would go with the 10" speaker combo.
  21. I have seen the videos on it. It's nothing I would want on an acoustic guitar. I'm not big on effects with a acoustic.
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