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  1. The FDR-1 isn't very good for fender reverb... you want this one: it's based on a fender reverb tank. I was looking at that one first but thought the Tremolo and od would add alittle more flavor.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has bought one of these yet and what you think of it. I was thinking about buying one to warm up and add reverb to my Hybrid Kustom at Church. Any and all feed back is much appreceated. Thanks.
  3. Compared to the gear page the HC guitar classifieds looks like a rummage sale.Epiphones,assorted korean and chinese junks,mim,squires and various second rate guitars.granted there's some good guitars on there too but by in large nothing too exciting.just an observation:rolleyes: Well not everyone can afford to be a cork sniffing asshole.
  4. What type of trades are you looking for? Anything w/p90s, Fairly decent Amps, cabnets.
  5. Washburn HSS Strat copy. SD Pearly Gates and 2 Texas Spec Pups. Tobacco Burst w/Rosewood fretboard. needs a set up, been sitting in the closet for a couple years. Update: Here's some more details,Its called the Shadow series, the guy I bought it from had a Fender tech install the pups and new harness, it has Grover tuners, and it has a couple of white marks on the top of the headstock where it hit the ceiling. Will sell or trade whole or pups only. Make me an offer Will add case for $50 or gig bag.$20 What you got? Will Email pics, there too big to load here, and I dont know how to shrink them. Just PM me and Ill get back with you.
  6. How about my DeArmond M-72? $338 (+29 shipping) Looks just like mine except I've got the clear pick guard. and I paid $200 for mine on clearence from MF. Gotta love those Goldtones, not real hot but really good bluesy pups.
  7. I had a couple of them when I started playing and just was never satisfied with the tones. as far as the Palaminos go Ive never played through one, but that BV 1/2 stack that someone modded sure sounded good.
  8. I dont see any Crate amps on anyones set ups and was wondering if anyone still plays them? I've had nothing but bad luck with them and could never get the tone I really wanted. But I did play through a Blue Voodo that was moded at a music shop that sounded pretty damn good.
  9. I wouldnt trade my m72, but if you want to get rid of yours let me know.
  10. i am very satisfied with this little amp, and if I had to replace it I'd buy another one, it'll keep up with my sons peavey bluesman till about 6, so Its got plenty of punch. What got me is how small this amp really is, I have 3 other amps but this is the one I take w/ me when Im going to jam, and if I plug my Korg ax1500g into it I get every sound in the world and it all sounds good, but I do wish it had a fx inputs, but what do you expect for $99. So I say a great little 10" amp that you cant go wrong with.
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