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  1. Looks very nicely done, but that style has its own niche, you either love it or don’t.
  2. Hi Mooch! Out of curiosity and a desire for statistics, how did you happen upon this thread? It is 10 years old😆! As for bearclaw, it’s a look, I like it fine, but my belief is that even if it did have anything to do with tone, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell in any meaningful way, your LAG will sound good to your ears, or it won’t.
  3. Was 2007 a good wine year? I keep mine in D or C.
  4. I used one for 2 weeks on a guitar. No change that I noticed, it’s one of those gimmicks, like homeopathy, that have only anecdotal evidence. But hey!- back to real budget 12- string discussion! I’m kind of smitten with Paul Brett’s offerings, “Vintage”, would love to play one, and they’re pretty cheap if you can find them. https://reverb.com/uk/item/6208803-vintage-viator-vtr800pb-12-paul-brett-12-string-acoustic-travel-guitar-bag-86
  5. Learn slow. Oftentimes excruciatingly slow. Learn about muscle memory. This is just addendum to the advice above.
  6. 🤗And..yet..you..read..MY..post..just..so..you..could..school..me?😉. But thank you for the awesome advice, it is good advice, no matter how ...sarcastic...I’m being now. Alas.. ...... .... ... .... . ... .. . I know. You guys always seem to give it your all in the advice column. It’s just weird watching those “which guitar is best/choose/brand/etc.” threads devolve. Add to that this particular forum’s propensity for orphan posters, some “you don’t know what you’re talking about”, and you have stuff worth reading. And I’m not saying ANY bad advice was given. Carry on boys!
  7. Definitely a gimmick, but a pretty cool one. I like gizmos.
  8. Gosh, all the lengthy advice, good intentions, and ego is thick enough to cut with a spoon! 😛 OP, you ever think maybe trombone might be better?
  9. Der der der.  Dur dur dyr.  

  10. You could read the threads, just sayin’🙂
  11. Oh was referring to mythical beasts with the like for like.
  12. The wood from a “lawsuit” Takamine. Like for like!
  13. 😝if they do, don’t bet on them reading any posts..
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