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  1. Here’s one for 175. Yikes. Elliot. you could try ElderlyInstruments.com, they’ve usually got it all. Not good when you spend $100 on something like this and they go belly up. One of the other replacement sleeves is bound to fit, and they are pretty cheap. I use a few Shubb, one longer for 12 string. You know, for when I get one, I’ll be prepared 😄. i
  2. !?!? Don’t like to talk about guitars!? Ok, but first I’d like to know what your favorite steel string brand is. And is dadarrio just cheap not putting them in individual sleeves or seriously environmentally aware.🤔
  3. Well thought out. And I agree. Which now begs another question. What is reasonable. That’s not an answerable question, I know, but it’s at least agreeable that 9K is a bit out there. I read Leo Kottke’s Bozo 12 string is selling for 50K. I also heard that a Bozo is up toward that price anyway on the secondary market. Your last paragraph examines this very thing, I think.
  4. That is a definite truth. Yeah, really good guitar players that ALSO make a lot of money, like James Taylor who’s got his 10K Olsons, will spend that. But what if you were a really good guitar player (I bet you are) but had a middle class life, good, but not rich, income. 9K? Knowing that instead of that kitchen remodel or new car.... But yeah, it’s doable. Tight, but doable. 9K? 15K? Boy, now 3.5K sounds like, yeah, I’d do that!🤪
  5. You’re not that jaded to think it’s ALL been solved, are you? Yeah, kinda weird first-time posters bring up 10 yo threads, but who cares, some of them are still relevant. Maybe the management will stop with the UN-relevant ancient threads and focus on stuff that matters to this day to put the fake first posters on. Just kidding Mgmt! Still, some are good topics of conversation for us bored people. I’m injury home-bound for another few weeks, hopefully not longer, and itching for something interesting.
  6. It’s still relevant. How do you soften a guitar that isn’t lauded for its low end like Martin? Taylors are pretty bright. So instead of correcting errant first posters, maybe applaud them for their searches that brought them here? It’s not like this topic has been solved... Taylors suck at bass. .....(IMO) Also, conversation. You happy with the dearth of conversation here?
  7. RE: the previous post. It really IS a nice guitar, it sounds great (well, you know..vid), it looks good, the person playing knows what’s what. Who will buy this? A player? Collector? A rich player? What in all good sense makes this 17.5K purchase something to be aspired? I’m a plebe. I’ll NEVER know. 3K. That’s the most I could ever think about paying, and that’s on a good day where I sell my stuff, and go into hock for it. ...so, from my OP, I’ve risen a grand. Aha. Now I get it.. ..man.
  8. Here’s one! Now only 17,500.00 US Dollars! I suggest you grab it while it’s still hot! SSSSSSSSS! (Sizzle) https://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=502694 edit to add a video of the guitar.
  9. Oh man...smaller body, all that ...schtuff... You have me curious. Yam gets a lot of love on this forum. As a long time lurker (and now poster due to unforeseen... things), I’m going to go out on a limb and STATE that the action will be marvelous, and if it’s not, there’s a luthier will make it so, and the electronics will be top end, it’s Yamaha. nice guitar. Edit: all speculation, never played, but ...Yamaha? In the price range it’s hard to see the downside.
  10. And played, so it was sort of a necessary tweak. Lazy.
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