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  1. Well, spiderpig is a great forum name. Better than Esteban.
  2. Gibson29


    Sid, what kind of info are you after? It’s not a collectible, if you’re wondering. Have you googled it? I ask, because I gotta say, that’s the only info you’ll get here. I don’t believe there is anyone on the forum expert in Indonesian Fender guitars, because....why? The big question”S” in everyone’s mind are, do you like it? Will you tell us more and post a pic?
  3. So you’re done? No longer going to be involved in any way? Well, if so, it was nice meeting you. yep. forum done gone died. I’ll slink back to PP and AGF, the other one, for ag related stuff. Best of everything to you guys.
  4. That is correct sir! Perhaps I should have said “and you guys were fearful to talk all this Time..!?” 😆
  5. In the immortal words of The Baja Men “who let the dogs out? Woof, woof.” So you guys were just fearful to post all this time...!?
  6. Link to mod’s post in what started to become an active thread that was basically ignored. Heck, a 1x poster put a few more under his belt.. https://www.harmonycentral.com/forums/topic/1136372-handmade-guitar-by-lw-fox/?do=findComment&comment=31217955
  7. Happy late NGD😁 #5 is probably a bit outdated though. I’ve heard in some threads what it use to be like, and it didn’t sound like an inviting place. Seems to have changed though, the bile producers seem to be gone, and it appears (thru this newbie’s eyes) even those that disagree manage to do so civilly. One of the mods let on that this forum (AG)hasn’t been moderated for 10 years, has it been dead THAT long? (way too much time on my hands..thanks COVID.)
  8. Then...maybe it was a cry for more moderation?
  9. I’ll play! Do you really think it was “moderation” that killed this section? Or the software iterations that drove folks away? Nah. Judging from reading the last few months, looks like apathy. Mods really only stop the personal attacks, and that’s a good thing, if someone left because they couldn’t figure out how to call someone an *sshole in a roundabout way, or really, really wanted to use base vulgarities...no, that’s not why people leave. C’mon! Some have managed to direct that my way without resorting to that “lower level” in this thread alone 😆! Some nicely subtle ways to draw dicks on foreheads while keeping your halo.. Has anyone been castigated by mods for OT threads? Haven’t seen it, but don’t feel like going back and looking thru the years. They don’t bitch about it at PP, just label it “OT”. Or try Open Jam. Software? Not aware of the issue, but why would someone have serious issues because the layout is different, I don’t think there’s an address on the web that hasn’t changed. Conversation is conversation. New guys, usually guys, stop by here because of searches, I think. Usually Carlos guitars..;) , but tend not to stick around. Maybe it’s not the forum, but the population? You gotta wonder.. As to the part quoted above, yes, but you have it backwards. Objective/subjective info, then camaraderie.
  10. Among other things is the sunset thread. Or I did not read and comprehend like a civilized man, which is entirely possible. I’ve used a brass saddle, but all that bouncing, you’d really need brass nuts, one brass nut wouldn’t do. baDUMbump.
  11. It’ll be fun! They need strong opinions here at the Acoustic Guitar forum. (just don’t mention brass nuts..)
  12. As the only one-time poster on a zombie thread that actually stayed to converse about guitars, and let me offer that you sound...er..”sound”, there’s a thread that needs your input, “the Sun is setting” thread. It’s about crying for the “old times”, how moderation has ruined the flow, and laments the fact there are no newbies. Please, as someone with newbie status, put your .02 in on it. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man gets to watch the chicks in the shower, or something like that...😁
  13. Again, I bow to your superior ability to put this young’un in his place. Though it did take you 6 days to come up with that. But seriously, the place just isn’t “friendly”. At the start, I was, and am, just honestly giving an opinion in a thread that is asking for one. It apparently raised enough hackles, as it wasn’t well received..🙂 It was and is simply my opinion. I hope nothing but peace for anyone reading, and please know that I mean no insult in my comments. I agree as well, and wish all of you the best in attracting and keeping them. I see a few new posters on the first page.
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