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  1. Der der der.  Dur dur dyr.  

  2. You could read the threads, just sayin’🙂
  3. Oh was referring to mythical beasts with the like for like.
  4. The wood from a “lawsuit” Takamine. Like for like!
  5. 😝if they do, don’t bet on them reading any posts..
  6. True, but in the spirit of the marketing eBay and Craigslist sellers, there were no lawsuits because they were exact copies and Big Guitar was jealous of all that superior work, which is usually how the marketing of “lawsuit guitars” is presented.
  7. ..and that makes for excellent marketing! It also makes the neighbor kid feel better about his crappy old beat up Yamaha with 10 winds around the tuner posts.
  8. Umm..fix it with a new nut and saddle?
  9. So, you’re the guy that dredged this up. Try cork. I suppose there’s a situation for a softer, wetter pick...but I’m hard pressed to come up with one. Not that John2000 will come back and engage in conversation, if the other 1 post guys IN THIS PARTICULAR SUBFORUM are any indication. Of course, it’s just been a few days, let’s see. John2000, are you a typical one-post wonder? Will you please come back and talk acoustic guitars and soft picks? Pretty please? These regulars..well, they’re ..regular. At least I hope so, nothing like a good morning movement I ALWAYS say.
  10. Hey, NEVER make claims about a knock-off with some of these guys hanging around..
  11. I think the ‘M’ stands for “meh”. You probably could add a “hogany” after that, but without further numbers and photos, who knows? ”Lawsuit” guitars always make me hopeful that something is special, even though I know that designation is pretty much just a marketing ploy. So, I am knee-jerk susceptible to marketing. Oo..a light just went on in my head! Aagh! Too bright! Shut it off! I prefer the safety of mediocrity and fantasy!!
  12. Jessie has to be in his 60’s by now, but this is a pretty knowledgeable forum, they know their wrestlers. Welcome to Harmony Central! There’s my manners!
  13. Zager! The awesome-ist guitar EVER that was named after Zager! You will, and this is not opinion, it’s FACT, ever find a better Zager guitar than one that has “Zager” on the headstock. You can be confident that if it’s a Zager, you WILL have a Zager, and more than likely, comparing apples to apples, and Zager to Zager, you will be playing a true Zager. They use “setup”, but Zager-specific. Totally different from other “setups” like color balance on your 4K TV, or wheel balancing on a Ford Bronco. This is Zager setup. Your Ford dealer CAN’T EVEN OFFER IT! Toyota can’t even come close. Get a Zager and you Will. Have. A. Zager.
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