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  1. Nice review Phil! That pedal is right up your alley. Priced nice too....well done Lumpy!
  2. I saw the Beck tour where he had Jennifer Batten playing rhythm guitar - she had TWO refridgerator sized racks, one was for her MIDI rig and the other was for the guitar toanz. Jenny was KILLING IT on the keyboard parts, she sounded like Jan Hammer at times and was doubling a lot of Beck's lines. it was amazing to witness.... guitar synths - i always loved them but never used them live very much. I had the GR700 system back in the day. it was.....interesting. I had the JX3P synth, so i was used to the engine. I would love to find a working GR500 system! I haven't tried any of the new guitar synths. But my Helix has been keeping me occupied, and it gets into some synth-like toanz....
  3. Joe mama needs to stick with DA BLOOZ and keep off muh pedals!
  4. Thank you Phil! It's great to be back on HCFX - hopefully some of the old school guys will come out of the woodwork and say hello! here is an INTERESTING pedal - I have been a chorus SLUT for a long time, all the way back to 1977 when I saw and heard my very first BOSS CE-1 Chorus pedal. Bjorn designed this chorus called the Blue Monger - it's not your usual chorus, it's more angular and unusual sounding. It actually leans more toward a flanger, but it does this cool thing where it's NOT the usual smooth rate and sweep - this is much more skronky, and I dig it!
  5. A rare bird indeed. 1984 Philip Kubicki blackguard style Telecaster guitar. If you don't know about Kubicki, he worked at Fender in the late 60s and early 70s and is the luthier who built George Harrison's rosewood Tele, among other famous guitars. Formerly owned and operated by noted jazz guitarist and professor at Berklee, Steven Kirby - I have added a photo of Kirby's CD release in the 90s with this guitar on the cover. He owned it from new, and used it for teaching and gigs for over 20 years. Tons of good vibes in this Tele... This amazing instrument is an alder bodied tone machine with an amazing feeling modern C shaped maple neck. The neck and body finish are original. The guitar was recently refretted with 6105 type frets by Jim Mouradian (RIP) and the guitar has been cared for by him for many years. The tuners are Gotoh locking models. The original Fender bridge is likely from the early 80s. The pickups are Van Zandt Vintage Plus models and the center pickup is RWRP for noise cancellation in positions 2 and 4, and sound really great in this guitar. The control plate is a very rare Dimarzio model with the sun logo, and the knobs are early 50s rounded top Tele knobs. While there are a few Kubicki necks out there, complete guitars built by the luthier are exceedingly rare. Both the body and neck are stamped and dated with the Kubicki stamp in multiple places. I am the third owner of this instrument, bought it from one of Steven Kirby's students who purchased it directly from Steve, and it has been well played over the last 35 years. The neck feels incredible, is straight, and plays exceptionally well. The body is quite resonant and the guitar weighs right at 7.5 pounds. It is one of the best sounding and playing boutique Telecaster style guitars I have ever seen. If you want an amazing playing boutique builder Telecaster guitar that already has quite a lot of REAL vintage character and vibe, this is a perfect guitar for you. It is easily on par with any master built relic or custom shop instrument, has a documented history, and was built by one of the greatest luthiers of the 20th century. Having a Tele built by the same guy who built George Harrison's guitar isn't a bad thing by any means. $1800 shipped in the USA - $100 more for international shipping. Contact me if you have any questions. Trade value is $2k, I am looking for a superstrat type thing....
  6. OS 2.30 just got released with some new amp and FX models, and allegedly this new update has killed the "squirrels" - some of those artifacts that annoyed some people. Line 6 has really hit a home run with the Helix, and it's exciting to see them still releasing new OS versions with new models and capabilities over two years after the Helix was brought to market. Impressive!
  7. Hello HCFX! It's been a while - how has everyone been doing? I have recently been making some video demos again, this time for the One Control pedals designed by Bjorn Juhl of BJFe. I have been a friend of Bjorn's for well over a decade now, and these latest pedals are the best yet. One Control has REALLY high tech manufacturing, and combined with Bjorn's circuits, we can finally get that BJFe sound without the big price tag. Most of the One Control pedals are street priced right around $125 or so, which is MUCH better than the $400 and up that the original BJFe pedals fetch. And according to the man himself, he feels that some of these OC pedals sound better than the BJFe originals. here's a new one - the GOLDEN ACORN Overdrive Supreme - it's Bjorn's take on the "D" sound. I'm not a huge Dumble fan, but I find this overdrive to be really open sounding and juicy! Check it out at:
  8. those new roland synths are sexy :/-)
  9. if your father loves superstrats - you should check out the 1985 Jackson Soloist Custom I just listed for sale - the Soloist Custom was the TOP OF THE HEAP when it comes to superstrats back in the day.......
  10. This is an amazing guitar - all original and in excellent condition 1985 Jackson Soloist Custom - built in September of '85 at the original San Dimas shop. I have owned dozens of Jackson Soloists over the years, and this is easily in the top 10% of Jacksons I have ever played. Frets are in remarkable 95% condition - this guitar was a case queen, I know the original owner and he was meticulous with his gear. The 3 TITE layout (tuck in the electronics) is a pretty rare setup, most Soloists were H/S/S or H/H. The 3 TITE layout was a favorite of Jeff Beck, among others....the rear pickup has been changed to an 80s era Seymour Duncan Hot Rails - but the original Jackson J-100 pickup is in the case, should you want to reinstall it. By the by.....did you know that Abigail Ybarra wound most of those USA made Jackson pickups in the 80s? Yep......when Fender let her go, Grover hired her and Abby wound many of the USA made Jackson pickups. So instead of giving FMIC $300 or more for a set of Abby pickups, search for some Jackson J-100 pickups! The only other change was the removal of the tone knob, which has been replaced with a Les Paul style toggle switch - this gives you TWENTY SEVEN pickup permutations, instead of just 9 with the stock mini switches. It's a MUCH more gig-friendly pickup switching setup with the 3-way toggle. This guitar came stock with the Kahler Trem system, and this Kahler is in EXCELLENT condition, with no rust or corrosion. The rollers are all in excellent condition, as are the springs inside. The locking nut has been removed, but it's in the case if the new owner wishes to re-install it. I also have a BRAND NEW Bill Edwards Finger Tite locking nut that has just been re-released, so I will include that as well - the finest locking nut ever made, and you will never need an allen wrench for tuning ever again! Most of the Soloist Custom guitars are a bit on the heavy side - as the bodies are made of poplar. This particular guitar is only 8 pounds, and is one of the lightest and most resonant Soloists I have ever played. It's a very comfortable guitar to gig with, and will not give you a sore back after that 4 hour gig. The neck profile is really comfortable on this guitar, it's not a "shredder" thin profile. Like most of the San DImas made instruments, it's a bit more substantial and meaty neck, like a full "C" shape. And like most of the San Dimas era guitars, this one has the binding "nibs" still intact on the ends of the frets - something that is a very labor intensive option, but makes the neck feel more smooth and easy to play. However, by 1986 Jackson had stopped doing the binding nibs, opting to start saving labor costs - which also saw the demise of the good quality hardware used up until this point - and we see the useage of such disasters as the JT-sux...I mean the JT-6 tremolo lolololol.... The Soloist Custom is arguably the most famous and fully realized superstrat design OF ALL TIME. Grover Jackson will be remembered for many contributions to the art of guitar manufacturing, but his most significant acheivements will undoubtedly be the Soloist Custom and the Randy Rhoads guitars. . This is a 9/10 condition '85 Soloist Custom in all original condition, and she comes with a BRAND NEW Jackson ATA style "TSA" case - which has the locking latches that allow those full cavity search minions at the TSA to open and inspect the case as you travel - and this case (which was a buck-fiddy, homeboy) is actually substantial enough of a protective case that I would trust it to fly with as checked baggage. It's getting harder and harder to find ALL ORIGINAL San Dimas era guitars in this kind of pristine condition. Most of them were played HARD, and the young men playing them (like myself back then) were wearing quite a bit of hardware and jewelry, so most of these got belt-buckled and quite a bit of player wear. This particular guitar is one of the cleanest I have seen in a minute, and it plays and sounds GREAT. Light and resonant with great tone and playability. I have owned dozens of these over the years, and have played hundreds of them - and this one is easily in the top ten of all the Soloists I have ever had the pleasure of manhandling. New ones (that are being built by the corporate behemoth that FMIC has become) range from $2k to $6k for some of the custom shop models. And they have changed from poplar bodies to alder or ash. But the magic ones are the early SAN DIMAS made instruments that were built in the glory years of 1983-1986. That is the "sweet spot" for Jackson guitars, just as 1980-1985 are the glory years for the big brother Charvel guitars. YOU can own this beautiful piece of southern California rock history for $1699 - shipping included in the 48 states of the USA, and only $100 extra will get it to you internationally. I would prefer cash, but if you have some interesting guitars to trade, as well as effects pedals or synthesizers, I'm all ears! I like superstrats, perhaps a PRS?
  11. now THIS is gonna make the shoegazers moist in their nether regions...... https://robertkeeley.com/products/loomer
  12. dude! can you get FMIC to send bobby d one of those sexy offset beauties for some demos? kthxbai.....:cool:
  13. back in the day when i was a teenager.....before i had status, before i had a pager...... ten years ago, i was rocking some fulltone, boss, ibanez, and maxon pedlolz. right now, i am using a ZOOM G5 for multiFX, and One Control pedalz to get my affordable Bjorn on.....
  14. yep - it's a fun monosynth. The original was a blast, I bought one in spring 1982 with my Navy paycheck in San Diego. I had to have it because EVH used it on the Van Halen song "One Foot out the Door". allegedly the app sounds just like the original! I have been doing a LOT of music and synth stuff with my ipad. Auria for recording, and dozens of cool synths like Animoog, Nave, and more. It would be cool to see an iPad music makers subforum, but it really seems like the air has been let out of the tires around this place - it's like a ghost town. What happened? I take a few years off from HC, and the place falls apart!
  15. Ha! I worked for BMG Distribution for four years in the mid 90s, doing alternative music promotion for RCA, Arista, ECM, Jive, Windham Hill, the whole family. And I worked with lots of A&R people back then, and they always had that fearful look in their eyes. Bet it's even worse now. You have no ARTIST DEVELOPMENT anymore. Budgets are gone, and no one is going to take 3-4 albums to properly develop and groom an artist or band. It's all singles. Albums are passe. And even if you DO manage to get a "hit", whatever that is these days - if you don't immediately follow it up with more, you are tossed to the curb. 85% of the people I worked with at the major labels in the 90s are long gone from the business. Only a handful remain, and I am talking about VPs and nice exec level talent. With all that said, now we have UNPRECEDENTED access to the means of production and distribution. So if you really "got what it takes", it's pretty easy to cut a record and get it out there. But so do millions of others with their home protools rig and a copy of CMJ's annual directory issue. It's tough not to be pessimistic. All I can see to do is follow the Dave Matthews path. Make your own records, build up a strong regional following, sell your own merch, and work your ass off and ride around in a van. And pray that you can cover the bills....
  16. I bought one of those new in 1982, it was a LOT of fun, other than the ribbon keyboard - but for a $250 analog monosynth, it was a LOT of fun! I am gonna download the app, heard it sounds really good. I have been doing a lot of ipad based recording and synth stuff lately, it's a lot of fun!
  17. this is my first video demo of the BIAS amp software and JamUp FX running on my iPad with my Bose speaker as a monitor. I am LOVING this setup, and the sheer power of this setup is mind-blowing to someone who grew up in the 60s and 70s. I can't wait to see the new pedal. and the BIAS Amp may be an incredible piece of gear to own as well.
  18. it's ME! Bobby D is in the house at HCFX - sure has been a lot of remodeling going on around here since I have been gone.....but I will try to hang out a bit more, and share some cool gear when i can!
  19. I have an ipad air 2 - and have been using the Bias amp and JamUpPro FX to go along with it. the Bias amp software is KILLER.....if I were a boutique amp builder right about now, I would be worried. and Positive Grid has the new BIAS AMP coming out in a few weeks - it's gonna be 600 watts, and will run any of your Bias amps live.....it will be glorious. Just the ability to go into the software and get down to the tube level, change anything you want, and make NEW combinations is exciting. and it sounds GOOD! what really gets me moist is the new Distortion Pedal from Positive Grid - this pedal will allow you to build dirt pedals from the component level up. Wanna try OC81D trannies in that fuzz instead of the NKT275 ones? no problem at all! The pedal is not out yet, but I have been sending love letters and VIP passes to the happy ending massage joint to the Artist Relations guy at Positive Grid, so I can hopefully get one of the first units they produce. and the Bias Amp is only $1099 street orice - I am seriously thinking about buying that one so I can use it at gigs and not worry about all the usual issues with tube amps. the future's so bright, i gotta wear shades!!! :cool:
  20. What's happening HCFX? Stuff just looks so different here, I don't recognize it anymore.....where's Naterel? Where's my Travvybear? I Know Phil is still here, but that's only because they have him chained up to the studio gear, and promised to buy him the Manley VoxBox if he behaved :cool: So anyhow, I just did a video demo for One Control - these are all BJFe designed pedals built by a Japanese company that specializes in pedalboards, switching systems, buffers and preamps, etc. So they were smart and offered Bjorn enough lutefisk he couldn't refuse! This demo is attempting (pretty poorly) to show the variety of dirt available, as well as the variety of boosters, and mixing them all up into a pot of dirt box gumbo. and.......check out my sexy 1985 san dimas built JACKSON SOLOIST in pearl white :sm-heart:
  21. The vintage A/DA Final Phase gave the Mutron Bi-Phase some serious competition - alas, it was a rare unit to begin with, and I don't see them up for sale often...
  22. For sale - made in Japan top of the line JS model Satriani - this one is pretty rare in the USA as the "burnt transparent blue" finish guitars were Japan and Europe only. This finish is quite a bit thinner and lighter than the much more common "black pearl" finish JS-1000 models. To me the BTB finished guitar is a little more "stratty" and resonant - I have usually preferred the guitars with the thinner finishes. All hardware and electronics are 100% stock down to the strap buttons. Dimarzio FRED and PAF PRO with the cool pull switches on both pots for tonal variation. The neck is perfect. Headstock is super clean with no dings. Body finish has some light honest playwear. Best part - the guitar is extremely resonant and "sings" .. .and.. it has really low action and super nice playability. I have owned several top of the line JS and JEM model Ibanez guitars over the years. This is one if the best sounding and best playing Satriani models I have ever seen. $1200 cash, possible trades for a really nice strat (doesn't have to be fender) or superstrats. Email me pics if you have something to trade. Email me at rrdevitojr AT gmail DOT com for fastest response. Plenty of pics in my photobucket!
  23. I wonder how my girl Alice from Joyo is doing. I need to email her and say hello :-)
  24. Hey, is this thing on? Cough....check, check, one two.....
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