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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 8-15-12

Phil O'Keefe

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Welcome to the spam thread. :wave:






The Rules:


I'll try to close the previous week's spam thread sometime each Sunday evening / early Monday morning. At that time, the previous week's spam thread will be unstuck and locked. Everyone will be able to still read it as it drops off page one, but it won't be "bump-able".


One post per person, per weekly spam thread.


If the details have changed - for example, a item or two on your list has sold, you've lowered your asking price, or you no longer are looking for a new XYZ Toobyeller cheep - EDIT your original post.


ANY and all exceptions to the one post, per person per weekly spam thread rule need to be approved by me PRIOR to the second post.


This thread is for "want to buy", "want to sell" and "want to trade" posts ONLY. If you have a question about an item that's listed, please contact the seller via PM or email - don't ask questions in the thread.


New pedal announcements from builders go in here too. The "one per week" rule applies. No discussion or questions about announcements in here. If someone unaffiliated with the builder wants to start a separate thread asking about it, that's fine, and the builder can respond - but we're getting way too many builder started "announcement" threads lately, so we're going to try this for a while instead.


If you have questions regarding a certain pedal brand / type, or its suitability for various purposes / tasks, please do a search or start a new thread for that discussion.


If a seller is asking too much (in your opinion), don't slam them for it in the thread. Yes, it might be helpful to some buyers, but OTOH, buyers should take the time to research anything they're considering buying...


HC does not have any involvement in sales between private parties, or members and builders, and this ongoing weekly thread is posted as a public service - as always, caveat emptor et vendor!

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WTF. It's Wednesday, Phil.


1965 Tremolux - converted into a combo cab back in the late 60s by the original owner (I'm the third owner). It's got Naylor Special Design 1040 speakers in it, which are beefier Jensen C-12Ns replicas.





Grill cloth is needs to be replaced, but no damage to the speakers/baffle. Power tubes are fresh, preamp tubes have a couple years on them, and the capacitors were gone over within the last 5 years. Great sounding amp - I just need something smaller.


Interested in smaller amps for trade. Tungsten, Savage, etc etc.


Asking $800 shipped/PP

Can take more pictures if asked.

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Vox Student Prince


Made for Vox in Italy in the EKO factory between 1964 and 1967.


3/4 size full hollowbody archtop. Chunky (but not HUGE) neck.

Long checks in the finish, but no damage to the wood.

The singlecoil pickup in this thing loves the dirt. Raw and nasty slide guitar.


Includes original hardshell case (a few dings, one bigger tear, and two new latches).


Professionally set up with flatwounds and higher action for slide. Plenty of adjustment room left on the bridge if you want lower action.


Here's an info page: http://www.pulsebeatguitars.com/html/1960s/1965_Vox_Student_Prince.php


Here are the pics:










Here are a couple of demo clips:







$400 shipped and paypal'd to ContUS.

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Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper V2 - #18 of 150. Comes with box and instructions. $275 shipped and paypal'd.




EHX Holy Grail w/ box, original power supply, no velcro. $70




Boss OC2 $45 or trade for a TR2




Boss GX-700 and Roland GFC-50 - comes with power supply. Input on rear of preamp doesn't work. Was like that when I bought it, I've used the front input with no problems. I've got a MIDI cable for the footswitch. Will split up if you want. Make offer.


Rocktron Velocity 250 - 250 watt poweramp that is very tube like. Can power up to 4 cabs at once. $235 shipped.




Tap Tempo - $20 shipped




I run a small label / distro and just put this compilation out featuring 16 tracks of doom, grind, and ambient noise. Some forumite's bands are on here as well. Full color, shrink wrapped, and pro pressed. 100 copies.




My band Grievances just did a split with Quiet Hands (poundcaketoredvelvet's band). 66 copies on a 3" mini cd with full color booklet inside a cd sized dvd case. 7 tracks: 3 from my band and 4 from Quiet Hands. $6 shipped for both the split and the compilation.




You can stream both here: www.divinemotherrecordings.bandcamp.com

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More info and pedals coming... please contact with questions.


Moog MF102 new in box with EP2 new in box

IdiotBox Death Ray Frequency Analyzer great shape, no box

Mellowtone Melx v2 Fuzz, good shape, has velcro on back



Death by audio Super Sonic Fuzz Gun like new in box



VFE The Scream like new in box


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Lots of Pedals that have to go:


Roger Mayer Mongoose X $170


Xotic BB Preamp $120


VanAmps Solemate Spring Reverb Pedal $185


EBS UniChorus $125


Diamond J-Drive Mk.III $130


Wilson Compressor $85


Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff $45


Barber Electronics Dirty Bomb $85


Red Witch Fuzz God II $155


Keeley Fuzz Head $125


Electro-harmonix Holy Grail Plus $90


Emma DiscumBOBulator $165


Red Witch Famulus Overdrive/Distortion $175


Foxrox Zim Overdrive $165


Way Huge swollenpickle $75


MI Audio Crunch Box Distortion $85


Cusack Tap-A-Phase (Black, V2.2) $175


Effectrode Firebottle Booster $195


Maxon AD-9 pro $175


Pigtronix attack sustain ADSR $175


Keeley Modded Boss TR-2 Tremolo $145


Durham Mucho Boosto $95


MJM Dallas Boost (with nos parts) $105


BSM OR treble/bass booster $175


Keeler Kick Fuzz $150


Pigtronix Aria $70


MXR Auto Q $50


Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus $90


T.Rex Twister $145


Z.Vex USA Vexter Box of Metal $185


Vox Cooltron Brit Boost $85


TC Electronic VPD1 Vintage Pre-Drive $155


Prices in US$, Shipping not included. All pedals were used pretty gently or otherwise noted.




Please Email me if you want some pictures. Thanks.


Please just email (sch333 at rogers dot com) as I don't check PM's very often.

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Zendrive Clone- got it in a trade, and it sounds good. I just like my elements with my amp more. $110 shipped/paypal'd


Malekko Chorus- bought it used from GC I like my mooer chorus more. SOLD


Also FS my peavey classic 50 head black. Great amp but I have a custom head now and this one really isn't what I want in an amp anymore. It has fresh preamp tubes and sounds as it should. Only issue is that the reverb stopped working, which more than likely because of wiring and not the tank itself. Even with the reverb issue these still sell at $350 used I'm asking $330. Rather keep it local but shipping is negotiable.





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Real quick before you scroll down... If you happen to have a Big Box/Vintage Deluxe Memory Man and would like to trade for an XO version plus one of these pedals, PM me. Would also be interested in the Tap Tempo 550 DMM.



- TheSYLE/Holowon anything

- Effector 13/Devi (Truly) Beautiful Disaster

- Reverb: Supernatural Reverb (yeah, I know), Surf Rider Reverb, Dr. Scientist RRR, Spring Theory, Ghost Echo, Holiest Grail

- Malekko Ekko 616

- EHX Ring Thing, Big Box Polychorus

- Fuzzhugger, SS/BS Fuck, Earthquaker, WOOFER WAILER, Mid-fi, Dwarfcraft...

- Feel free to offer other fuzz, delay, reverb, overdrive, distortion, filters, and modulation. No tremolo please. ....Ibanez PM-7?


Mellowtone Wolf Computer - $120 paypal/shipped. First oscillating fuzz I've had that consistently does the octave down thing all over the neck. Has some tasty standard fuzz sounds as well. It's a killer versatile fuzz, but I just can't justify keeping it with the other oscillating fuzz madness I already have.



wolfcpu by Pumpkin Pieces, on Flickr


MXR Distortion + - $50 paypal/shipped. Modded to distort via LED than germanium transistors. Much louder and much more touch sensitive gain. Excellent and stackable dirt pedal, but it's too similar to my theSyle Umiom.



leddistort by Pumpkin Pieces, on Flickr


PM me with offers and questions,


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lstr with pharaoh controls, LED, bypass and Si clipping, hi/lo all that. you know it. a bit tighter too.


Looking for trades, especially the new BAT Ritual or Revelation (superlead), otherwise - surprise me. or cash. or a fuzz factory?

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For sale, 2 great affordable BC-108 fuzz pedals.


Prices include shipping/PayPal in the USA only. I can't ship out til Saturday.


Might consider trades for a vibe and/or tremolo pedals (clones are cool) but really want to sell to buy a Loop Junky




MXR Classic 108 Fuzz


Great shape


No box/paperwork






Swaptronics BC-108 fuzz


No box/paperwork (it came with nothing)


I'm the original owner bought direct, never gigged.


Built 7/12























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