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  1. What kind've value are you putting on the muff?
  2. Bump I may consider trades, PM me.
  3. Yes. The wired hot hand, not the wireless.
  4. Tap Tempo Tremolo - Designed by Taylor Livingston (Iron Ether Effects) to be the most versatile tap trem you could ever want. Full details can be found here : http://musicpcb.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Tap-Tempo-Tremolo-build-PDF-updated.pdf . Switches are for bypass, tempo, and multiplier (multiplies the rate knob). $165 Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay Clone - Modded to have a volume knob so you can have a cut or boost when you engage the delay. Sounds incredible (again this one tops my list of favorite circuits under best sounding digital delay). The enclosure is actually a really nice deep blue sparkle but the picture doesn't represent it very well. $135 OKKO Diablo Clone - This has been my go to overdrive/distortion for the last couple of months and is ONLY being sold as I'm going to make myself the + version with the additional boost. This thing is incredible and does low/mid gain overdrive to high gain distortion the best I've heard in any single pedal. Huge range of gain, tone, and has something every pedal needs - a pre bass control that filters out how much of the guitar original low end enters the pedal. Great for tightening up high gain sounds of fattening up low/mid gain sounds. $155 All prices are shipped/paypal gifted and ship within 24 hours of receiving payment. If any references are needed I can provide as least 20 from the last 2 weeks alone and unfortunately I can't entertain any trade offers as I'm looking to purchase other specific items.
  5. Looking to rebuild my digital rig so the unused or duplicate pedals have to go. Zvex Custom Shop Woolly Mammoth 1 of 1 - Near mint condition with original box, rag, and hair tie. An absolute beast of a bass fuzz (sounds great on guitar too). $OLD Dr Scientist The Elements - Near mint condition steampunk graphics version with original box and manual. Incredibly flexible and sounds great for a wide range of tones. $185 Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest - Brand new with box and manual, won it in a contest but never found it to fit with my setup (my Orange is VERY picky) so it's sat in the closet. $125 Source Audio Multiwave Distortion - Near mint with original box + Wire Hot Hand Controller (lots of fun!). Incredibly unique sounds to be had with this but unfortunately I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to dirt sounds. $75 Now onto my builds. These are all made by me using Powdercoated Enclsoures, Neutrik Jacks, 3PDT True Bypass Switching, DC Jacks or batteries where applicable, and top notch components and wiring and components throughout. Almost all of these are duplicates because I've got a bit of a building addiction... Fuzz Face Clone - A great classic fuzz circuit made with carbon comp resistors, an onboard bias, and a matched pair of silicon transistors (safe to daisy chain/run on a normal power supply). $OLD Baldwin Burns Buzzaround Clone - Features a trio of matched germanium transistors that fall in the same spec as the original and is hands down my favorite fuzz. Thin and cutting to fat and saggy, low gain to high gain and cleans up like a champ. Battery only on this because it's a +ground effect. $OLD
  6. Aaron SS

    EP Booster

    EP Booster Clone - This is a clone of the Xotic EP Booster. Brand new, top quality build throughout. Has external toggle switches in place of the internal dip switches on the Xotic version. Letting it go cheap - $70 shipped/paypal gifted.
  7. This started out as a Green Russian Big Muff Clone that I made using all ceramic capacitors (tried to take a page out of skreddy's book...) and tweaked a bit and it sounds massive. Brand new with top notch components, powdercoated enclosure, Neutrik Jacks....yada yada. $105 shipped/paypal gifted.
  8. This hasn't been bumped in quite a while but all orders can be placed @ www.SolderedSound.com I no longer make Monorail Patch Cables - they have been replaced by Evidence Audio Reveal Cables
  9. Thanks a lot OP was updated to reflect the sold pedals
  10. DAM Red Rooster Clone - Built by me and is essentially a classic Rangemaster with a tone knob. Red Tiger Sparkle powdercoated enclosure, Neutrik Jacks, DC + battery power, top quality components and wiring throughout. This one features all throwback style components including carbon comp resistors, Philips BC caps, and a NOS Russian Germanium Transistor. $125 All prices are shipped/paypal gifted to the CONUS but international shipping is available as long as the buyer covers the additional costs. No trades please.
  11. Sonic Research Turbo Tuner - Near mint condition with box and manual - $105 Xotic Ep Booster - Near mint condition with box - $90 Klon Clone - Brand new, Gold Powdercoated Enclosure, Neutrik Jacks, buffered bypass(like the original), top notch components and wiring throughout - $200 All prices are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and Paypal gifted.
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