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Morgan Monroe Creekside MV-01 (NGD)

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  • Morgan Monroe Creekside MV-01 (NGD)

    There's a lot of webtalk about the Morgan Monroe Blues 32, but not much about this one (though fellow HCer DonK has some great posts).

    This is a super sweet 00 -- small bodied, short-scale dream. What a player! Most of the specs are in the link above, except for saddle spacing -- 2 3/32" -- and the pins appear to be rosewood), about 3 1/8" deep at the neck joint to 3 5/8" at the end pin. Very comfy in lap and it feels like an old friend. Well-balanced across the tonal spectrum, it should suit most fingerpicking and the strumming sound bring out a little shimmer.

    I wish I were a better photographer to bring all the little details that make this guitar a wonderful bit of eye candy. The binding looks like antique ivory. The satin finish allows the sound to be responsive and actually looks fantastic. The soundhole is carved into the top. Along the sides of the fretboard are cool stripes ... actually frames the fretboard. Understated fret dot inlays have character and detail that can't be seen with my shutterbug skills.

    All these gits come with a snazzy faux alligator case that has a built-in hygrometer. Case is light and the double handles make carrying it around a breeze (very easy to transport, especially going from house to house as I do in my teaching biz).

    Online you can get one for $399 and it's a real deal. I found mine used and the previous owner added B-Band electronics. I got the whole thing for $299.

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        That is the first one I have seen....the pics were fine, and I especially like the satin finish and soft sunburst.


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          That thing is a little beaut!!

          Sweet looking guitar.
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            I'd play it!

            Lovely guitar, ridiculous price. And I love the case too.

            More great times ahead at Stackaranch!


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              What a sweet looking fingerpicking guitar!!


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                What a steal.. with the case and all that is a hell of a bargain..

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                  SWEEEETTTTT! Nice looking finger pickin' geetar you got thar.
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                    Really a cool looking little guitar. Sounds like a good score!
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                      Very nice looking guitar.....Please post something up on it, so we can hear it.

                      To date, the only Monroes I have played and liked were a M15 and M30. But they were incredibly well built and fantastic sounding instruments. At that price point these guitars should sell well. You gotta love that case too. The only dealer I know in my area told me they quit offering that case with the got a great deal.
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                        Congratulations! I've admired that model for a long time. Nice git!


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                          That's a real score, right there. What a beautiful guitar. I love that rich dark color, and the etching on the back of the headstock. Nice touch.

                          Wa-a-a-a-a-y cool.
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                            The only dealer I know in my area told me they quit offering that case with the got a great deal.

                            I wonder about that. The website says it's still part of the package and every web retail site offered it, but your dealer could be more up-to-date. The included case could be a thing of the past. If so, snatch 'em up!


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                              That's a beautiful guitar!! I have a local dealer and have really enjoyed playing they're guitars. Nicely made. Very beautiful. And excellent tone qualities. The dreads have a very Martin like bass with a nicely balanced chime coming from the higher strings.


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