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  1. If it's loose fitting and you jiggle it a lot, sure. A good gig bag fits like a condom. Since I'm Catholic, should I stop using gig bags?
  2. I love this arrangement! Fantastic! More Rush, please.
  3. Have a good one, BigAl! Absentee Postings Absentee Post from: Fendouglas Title: Mercenaries Credits: Harry Chapin Click to Listen http://vom.infocusreviews.com/index.php?p=play&id=Fendouglas/MERCENARIES.mp3 [/size] Fendouglas Comments: Contrary to popular opinion, not all soldiers are clean-living paragons of virtue. This song of Harry's amply demonstrates that fact, while drawing a comparison to the world's other oldest profession. Yet another of my favourites Absentee Post from: BlackHatHunter Title: Bottom of the Barrel Credits: Amos L
  4. I played a place that checked you for knives. If you didn't have one, they gave you one.
  5. Three bits of advice I give at almost every lesson: slow down, do it again, don't give up.
  6. lets see, its Username "Fastblueheeler" P/W "do you think I'm dumb or something....." Didn't work.
  7. When G major and E major collide, they produce E7#9, a purple haze, and a slight hankering for chitlins con carne.
  8. Original Binge It wasn't drinkin', but eatin', That got us kicked out of Eden. *** Poetrrhea You've heard of diarrhea, Some call them the runs. And also logorrhea, Where words come in tons. But what of poetrrhea? That's when poets' tongues Mimic diarrheic buns.
  9. I believe our whole notion of what is attainable or even possible is about to change in unimaginable ways Too much is too much.
  10. I really like the Takamine GS430S. $300. Since you want a dread, check out the Tak GS330S.
  11. I think you highlight how this guitar can be used in other ways. Normally, most folks pigeon-hole these gits into just one genre -- but you show the versatility that can be had with this kind of git when thinking outside the box. It would be cool to hear you use this git (in your style) in an acoustic-only setting too. btw, I really dug "Christian Right." You've got your own thing going, and that's always going to rub folks the wrong way, but keep it up! Jn 15:18 puts it all in perspective.
  12. It's not a knob. It's a pick holder. *** I used to have an FG-110 that I gifted to Maggie. It's a great git!
  13. Cool cover. Reverb gives it a 50s feel. This is one of those Song of Songs kind of songs. It can be interpreted on different levels. I'm doing this in my duo, Junkmail Rosaries. We haven't decided whether to go git/vox or piano/vox. Uke is another idea now.
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