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  1. If you can't play the appropriate strumming pattern for the song, pick a more appropriate song that suits your level. Practice till you get better. And then practice some more. It's all about giving a shit. I haven't found that strumming patterns are problematic; changing chords are often the trouble spots. Most of my students can learn the basic strumming patterns, but switching between chords while maintaining tempo is the tough task. Problems with changing chords has one time-tested solution, practice and then practice more. If a beginning student can't change chords, then more time on the fretboard is required.
  2. kujozilla, I haven't found that method works very well with my students or with students I've inherited from other teachers. Perhaps it has worked with yours. From what I've seen with students, the ability to play a strumming pattern is in direct correlation with their ability to play in proper time. It doesn't wreck the ability to keep time; it reinforces, supports and propels it. The inability to play a song usually means one of two things for a beginning student: that more practice is needed, or that it is too difficult for the level of the player (and an easier song needs to replace it). I still give a shit.
  3. I give a shit. I usually teach my students a handful of basic strumming patterns. Once you get those, you learn how to "synch up" with what others are strumming. It also helps to play with others as much as possible with others when learning how to do this.
  4. Read or unread, the end result is the same with Finnegans Wake.
  5. I know Martin is a good name, but this seems pretty far down their line. Worth it, or no? The corksniffers will tell you no , but realize that most corksniffers are suffering from allergies & affluenza.
  6. If it speaks deeply to you, grab it. To hell with other folks' ears.
  7. Love the headstock/fret inlays!
  8. Originally Posted by MDR Yes, Rs are tricky things. In my own Canadian English dialect, the R gets a hard pronunciation. But in most European languages the R is rrrrrrrolled. I speak some French & Spanish, and one of the most difficult transitions (to me, anyway) is rolling the Rs. But Lees was mainly talkin' about the endings of words -- not the beginnings or middles, which is typically where you'll hear those rolled Rs in those languages. * Cool post, Mark! I do disagree with Lees about whom. We should drop whom as soon as we should drop him. Replace with who and he and you'll hear what I mean.
  9. I think a good idea is to start with different chord progressions using the I, II, and V in different keys. For example in the key of C this would be C, F and G. After getting those chords into your ears and fingers, you can add the VI, which would be Am in this case. II should be IV -- F is the IV in C. VI should be vi -- lower case is typically used to indicate minor, upper case is for major.
  10. Originally Posted by blue2blue From Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson's Knickerbocker Holiday (1938 Broadway musical), come these classic lines... "September Song" The dramatic pause that follows November is, of course, pivotal to the whole song. Love that tune. Been in my set for a while.
  11. Wouldn't you squeal loudly if someone tried to friction burn your strings with rosin loaded horse hair? Now that you mention it ... why, yes. Yes, I would!
  12. IME the deeper the body the better the bass, but it doesn't always translate into a louder instrument -- maybe a guitarron is a good example. For volume -- and perhaps cutting volume -- I'd look for an instrument that really pushes the mids. It seems like gits that do that can really be heard. Related and not entirely off topic (I hope) ... have you noticed how violins are super freekin' super loud? Tiny sized compared to guitars, but they just bury them in terms of volume and projection. Is this a midrange thing, or just a whole 'nother package of things?
  13. 1. Is this a fair price 2. Is there enough of a tone difference to warrant the price. 1. Maybe 2. No YMMV
  14. That video was done in jest. Y'all took it rather seriously.
  15. I really like the "Vend-A-Goat" one, myself. That one cracks me up everytime. Frets!!!
  16. Some of those look pretty cool, but I'm wondering how they'll hold up over the long haul? Good question. In a way, I'd almost hope that wouldn't hold up over the long. It'd be kinda cool to have a sticker inlay facelift ever so often.
  17. Those are really a great idea, Chris. I've got a couple of guitars that don't have any inlay on the fretboards. While I love the look, it's very hard for my students to figure out where I am on the neck.
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