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  1. Fishman Loudbox Mini is good bang for the buck. Very portable now that it has battery option.
  2. It is what it is. Change is inevitable.
  3. Considering Gotoh direct fit on a Martin DM. I'm not into making something simple complicated.
  4. Thanks, I'll get the 18:1 tuners.
  5. Great guitar, congrats! Y'all don't give out goats around here anymore?
  6. Saw her perform a couple weeks ago @ Swannanoa. She's fantastic!
  7. Almost all the manufacturers have left handed models available. You'll just need to order it, most not found in stores. A good small guitar is the Taylor GS mini for the Art & Lutherie AMI. Both are available left handed.
  8. Some of us are still in prison and wifi is spotty at best. aka: GW348
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