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  1. Told you so. Oh sure, everyone will hang out over here until it goes belly up again then they'll all come running back to MV. Oh well, guess I'll have to start hangin' out over here too then.
  2. Seems like I'm the only one hangin' out over there lately. So, has everyone given up on MV or what?
  3. As in we can actually read a post now,LOL. Yep, that's for sure Quality Increase. Personally, I plan on hangin' out over at MelodyVine. Much easier to navigate and it's not all "high tech" so it doesn't make my old computer have fits like this place does.
  4. More stable, nice and simple, soon as they add a couple more sub-forums it'd be a great place to hang out. Long as we can keep it lively I'd be as happy there as I was here.
  5. Ok, so I registered at MelodyVine but now I've got to wait for the Admin to approve it. See ya'll there soon as this happens.
  6. Got the headstock on the old Harmony fixed up and it's looking nice. I'd love to post a pic but well, can't do it with the forum still messed up.
  7. I really hope you don't try to tie this in with me coming back to the forums. Really, I didn't have anything to do with it. Really, I'm telling the truth here. I'm innocent, honest, I didn't do it.
  8. This one is simple enough to defuse. Just tell em' to have the Mover bring cash with him when he comes to pick up the "item" and then they can reimburse the Mover for the funds he used to buy the "item". If they're on the level then great, a guy will show up at your door with cash and you can give him the "item" you listed for sale. If they're not on the level then you'll probably not get a reply.
  9. Hey, cats are cool, I've got two of em', or should I say they've got me.LOL.
  10. It's as easy as fishin', you can be a musician if you can make sounds loud or mellow. Get a second hand guitar, chances are you'll go far if you get in with the right bunch of fellows. LOL, my dream was always TO BE a working Musician but at my age the time has done come and past when that'll be a reality so I'm just content to play along with songs I like and mess around. Still, I'd not mind finding a few pards to hang out with and play every now and again.
  11. Unfortunately I'm only running OX 10.3.9 on my iMac(it's an older model) so I can't run the "latest/greatest" browsers on it. FireFox was doing ok having switched to it from Camino but looks like I'm back to Camino and it's working as good as can be expected from version 1.6.11 (v1.8.1.24 2010030519). If I could have found OS 10.4 to install on my iMac(about as good as I can go on this machine) I could have gotten more up to date software but hey, this is an 11 year old iMac and it's still running like a sewing machine so I've got no complaints at all.
  12. Oh, an by the way, I still think that Taylor Swift can't sing,LOL. Remember that thread.
  13. I must have accidently hit a button in the "Settings" section here on the forum but for the life of me I can't find it. I've redone everything a couple times and still no Avatars with FireFox and I don't think it'd be FireFox because I can see Avatars on other web sites. Oh well, I'll just use Camino, it seems to run smoother anyway.
  14. Ok, this is strange. I switched from FireFox to an older version of Camino and NOW I can see Avatars and stuff. Something has to be up with FireFox.
  15. For some strange reason no ones Avatar is showing up and other stuff on the forum isn't showing up either. It just started acting up today, wonder if it might be my browser or is anyone else having this problem?
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