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  1. Wow, tough group here. 229 views and not a single reply. Way to make the forum fun for all us harp players.
  2. I've not been playing much over the last year or so but when I do I tend to pick up my Hohner Deuce and a Quarter to play. It's in the key of A so it doesn't sound so squeaky as the higher keys and that wooden comb just has a sound to it that I love. I know that folks say there's no real difference between wood and plastic but I swear I can hear a difference. I've sealed it with 4 coats of Butcher's Block Oil so it's water tight so I don't have to worry about swelling with it. If/When this harp dies(as they all do if you play them a lot) I'll probably go with a Hohner Blues Harp since it's the closest thing I'll be able to find that'll have the same wooden comb as the Deuce and the price won't break the bank. Hohner Blues Harps are only about $34 bucks and once it's comb has been sealed it should be as nice as the Deuce and a Quarter.
  3. I think it should be sent in to Martin for some repairs, that hole looks awful.
  4. If anyone has a reasonable offer hit me with it. These are matched pairs of tubes in new, unused condition. Just need to get rid of em' so I can buy more harps. Talk to me people.
  5. Got em' a few years back to put into a Peavy amp that I had but sold the amp before I could install em' so they're new in the box, unused, perfect condition. I know for sure they're matched sets but they may even be a matched quad, can't remember. Asking $30 a matched set or $50 for all 4 tubes. $5 bucks should cover shipping for either a single set or all 4. Need to move these so I can buy a couple more Harmonicas, LOL. Thanks for looking.
  6. I'm currently running OS 10.1.5 and there's nothing out there that'll work on this OS anymore. I really need to upgrade to 10.3 but since it's also outdated I'll have to look for a used copy from some of ya'll. If anyone has a factory original copy with all the books and such that they'd be willing to get rid of cheap then shoot me a PM and we'll talk. Thanks.
  7. Depends on how far I have to ship. I'll have to find a box to pack it in since I don't have one anymore. Let me see what it'll cost to ship and maybe we can work something out. For God sake, I'm losing a lot at $180 Face to Face, if you can at least split the shipping that'd help me out. I still own $195 on my MM. Need as much cash as I can dig up. Shoot me an E-mail and I'll send ya' a couple pics. Thanks.
  8. Come on people, help a pard out. This is a great little guitar that needs a new home so I can get the funds to pay off the Morgan Monroe I've got on lay-o-way and bring it home.
  9. Beautiful, like new 000 guitar with hard case, also like new. Solid Spruce top, laminated Hog back and sides. Pick guard and strap button added. Over $330 invested, selling at a give a way price of $180 firm, face to face in the Crossville area. Thanks for looking.
  10. BTT. Can't believe this hasn't sold yet. This is a great price on a practically new guitar. Someone has got to want a nice Dreadnought guitar, talk to me people, help me get the ol' Mustang in better shape by pickin' up this guitar so I can get new U-Joints and stuff.
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