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  1. This will surprise NOBODY: yamaha made an excellent sailboat for a while in the 80s. General motors, IBM, Underwood Typewriter Company, and Rock-Ola jukebox all made M1 carbines during ww2. I agree with Ellen. Start with a good, solid wood guitar first (whatever she likes) and go from there. The signal chain depends on the venue imo. I have a fishman mini loudbox that I gig with for intimate gigs at small clubs (nice and small/light). On a large stage in front of a bit crowd I either mic it (solo) or use a Baggs M1 and an EQ stomp box.. There are so many choices now that there is something for everyone.
  2. Buy a Martin D28, and the bass notes will be more than enough. Yeah like this 1941.. Price is only $95,000. http://www.gryphonstrings.com/instpix/34537/34537.php
  3. I`ll take the two shit`s (eewww) and raise Three Mo` Fo`s. I think it`s important to not just flail away and keep it simple in a band setting. If you are laying down rhythm for a fiddle, banjo or lead guitar you want to play those bass note`s and build the strumming around the bass line, but not step on the bass players toes. . Playing solo is a bit different.
  4. Norman Blake for me. I sure wish he would come back to Winfield.. I love Tommy E, but I`ve seen him there a dozen times or so.. Norman and Nancy used to play every year in the 80`s, but they haven`t been there in quite some time..
  5. Nice collection! A friend has one (not sure of the model) but that really is one fine guitar..
  6. I like them, but like any brand of guitar there are I like more than others.. One of the finest acoustic guitars I`ve heard was a top of the line Adamas in the early mid 1980`s.. They work for Bireli Lagrene and Babik Reinhardt (django`s son). uRCsydCSd2I
  7. I have a sweet gypsy jazz guitar that is about the same value I`m looking to trade.
  8. I guess if I had one I could.. $30. ? If it doesn`t work I`ll refund your money..
  9. COmes in original box w/power supply and manual..
  10. Looking to sell this. I`ve used it maybe 3-4 times and really have no need. $60.00 includes shipping.. The RP90 is a modeling guitar processor with a huge tonal palette that provides the user the ability to easily get any sound. Powered by DigiTech's AudioDNA
  11. Gawd only knows.. Bill Monroe`s mandolin is supposedly the most valuable American instrument..
  12. Used Lawrence L-550 Rhythm Mini Humbucker. GREAT sounding pickup and an oldie but a goodie!! This pickup worked last checked. Will trade for some type of Neck pup for Tele. $30.00+ shipping.
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