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  1. I would buy this product for another guitar, as a replacement, whatever. For what it is, and for the price, it is the best value, and pickup, on the market. I've been playing for 30+ years but always acoustic and have no "plugged in" experience. I've been wanting a pickup for my 12-string and have researched a number of products. I did not, however, have any opportunity to do any comparisons. Having said that, I am extremely satisfied with these pickups as they produce about as natural a sound as I can imagine any pickups producing. I was looking for a good reproduction of the natural sound and I feel I found it. Installation is not too complex. As long as you have the proper tools for drilling out the endpin hole, that part is a snap. I think the best glue choice is something that won't run and is meant for porous materials, i.e. wood. I used Loctite Super Glue Control Gel. It sets up quickly, so there's no time to slide the transducer around to get it into the perfect spot. However, I used two bridge pins as a guide for proper placement. They stick through far enough you can actually feel the transducer touch between them. Don't put them all in, just two. That way you don't get fooled as to which two you're trying to place the transducer between. I did many practice dry fits to get the feel of placement. Having your hand inside the soundhole with your wrist bent and your palm facing up so you can hold the transducer to apply the glue, I wanted to practice moving the transducer into place, feeling where it was going to go and then setting it down. Once I was confident, I proceeded to glue them down. The transducers are a little too big to be able to place side-by-side in a line and still have each one get placed between their respective bridge pins. I place the first one between pin 6 and 5 and then the second one just to the outside of center of pins 1 and 2. The third one I placed in between the first two, slightly forward, creating a slight triangle. All in all, a good experience all around. Very responsive, and pleasant, customer service. Fast, and free, shipping (USPS priority). Great product. Great price. It's hard to go wrong.
  2. As I said before, I've played for more than 30 yrs but I am no expert on guitars, however, I am thoroughly impressed with this one. The sound just blew me away the first time I heard it and it's even better plugged in. I love the feel and fit of this guitar. It is a dream to play. When I was doing my shopping, I played an Ovation Celebrity, a Yamaha FG730 and an Alvarez (can't remember the model#). The Ovation and Yamaha were in the same price range and the Alvarez was $200 more. The Ovation was not a good comparison because they just don't sound good enough unplugged. The Yamaha has a very similar sound but is a dreadnaught. The Alvarez, as a jumbo, had a more bassy sound. The Yamaha and Alvarez were not A/E's. I went back 3 times to play this guitar and the Alvarez. With all things being fairly equal, I chose this guitar for it's electronics. The onboard tuner is probably my favorite feature as my ears are getting old. The only regret is not letting the store do a setup on it to adjust the action on the saddle. It's not expensive to have done, but it would have been free at the time of purchase. For the price and the feature set, you can't go wrong. The sound and feel will be your call, but the value will be hard to pass up.
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