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  1. Exercise your fingers with a small investment in a hand squeezer.
  2. Tusq wears out. It is easily machineable. Bone if it wears at all, not as fast. Difference in sound is subjective. I think bone sounds better, but I might be wrong. I'm deaf completely in right ear a nd have reduced hearing in left ear. As an age related problem, I hear much less treble. Bone is brighter than tusq TO ME. So I use it. Yamaha makes many bridges and nuts from urea formaldehyde. It sounds great on their guitars but they are tuned to those formulations.
  3. bigald18


    Martin makes their own strings. I've seen it at their factory and also now in Mexico. Who they buy the bare core wire from, I dunno. (LOL) Winding the strings is the important part, just like you can buy wood for a guitar but what you do with it is the important part.
  4. bigald18


    No pics. Luv the guitar. Natural finish. Solid hog b& s. Glad I got it.
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