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We have cancelled our Cable subscription eeek

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    Cable went in '98...till future wife moved in. Got clean when she discovered Netflix. Use Amazon for the Must See A.S.A.P stuff (B.Bad, Walking Dead, Futurama, wifey's Dr. Who). It's up for download in 24 hours - I just avoid the Spoiler threads

    Side note: Wife lost her wallet at work thursday night. Cancelled all her cards and got a new license. Someone found it and handed it to her when she returned again on friday. No debit card = no W.D. on Amazon this week - jonsing hard!... till my bro showed me his DL of this weeks clip. (yes, I stole it...I feel guilty and cheap)
    Originally Posted by KCTigerChief

    Rock hardness called that one

    Originally Posted by guitarbilly74

    But then again, it's the internet and everyone is a hunk with a 12" cock, great job, fast car, hot gf and loads money in the bank and Mila Kunis has pointy knees.


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      We've been cable free for a few years now. Don't really miss it. We do the Netflix thing and she gets her local news from Internet broadcasts from the local channel sites. For the shows I can't wait for there are "ways" to get them. In the end it's a great way to save $1000 a year.
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