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  1. Lucius

    FS: Peavey XXX

    is this thing still around? Cheers, Lucius
  2. one of the greatest recto sounds I ever heard was from the rack mount version. Cheers, Lucius
  3. Bump, because HC was being a bitch! cheers, Lucius
  4. Hey Fred, I've busted all the third channel knobs on my Recto so now it is only a two channel. Do you want it! Cheers, Lucius NOTE: it is not actually broken
  5. Bump! this is a very ultra rare one of a kind recto! Buy it now! Cheers, Lucius NOTE: I can't confirm that it is actually rare or one of a kind
  6. It works perfectly, comes with footswitch and cover. It has a quarter sized rip in the tolex on the back top of the amp. Other than that it is in great shape. Pics to come tonight. $800 + Shipping/PP to cont USA or canada Cheers, Lucius NOTE: don't contact me if you don't have any HC references which I will check.
  7. And for anyone nervous about shipping: Puerto Rico is a US territory, so shipping to/from there doesn't involve customs and isn't any more expensive than shipping something coast-to-coast inside the CONUS. totally learned something new today. Cheers, Lucius
  8. This is the closests one I've found. Anyone else have a better one for sharing patches than this? http://www.digitech.com/soundcomm/guitar_list_patches.asp?productid=235 Cheers, Lucius
  9. How much is shipping to Victoria, BC V8X4K1. Cheers, Lucius
  10. killer power amp at a great price. I'd buy it if I the cash bump. Cheers, Lucius
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