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  1. Have - Duncan JB - black, regular Want DiMarzio PAF Pro - black, regular
  2. Have - Duncan JB - black, regular Want DiMarzio PAF Pro - black, regular
  3. Originally Posted by omni Tell me where! Just the Marshall's. Please post a link. yeah.. there is none. Delusional guy is delusional. But hey, I've tried to help.. oh well.
  4. yeah it's a great amp but it's not worth the same as a LP studio or a 900 MKIII so maybe that's where the problem is. I bought and sold the Legacy twice for about $400. Just saying.
  5. Originally Posted by yyyames I've never owned a Marshall, Ive been playing off a Roland JC-120 for a while and looking for something thats not so clean. Looking for an amp with some more gain. I was offered a MARSHALL VS265 for 150 locally and was hoping some of you might know more about it or own one. Curious about the quality of the Marshall MG100DFX or 250DFX cuz thats the ones I've been looking at. this is the classifieds section.. try to post in the discussion section and you will get more replies. But anyway, 150 for a VS265 is a good deal, they're decent practice amps... so is the MG series, you can't wrong with them for the price.
  6. Selling a TC G-Sharp in great, like new condition. I bought it a few weeks ago and it sounds great but I am just not a rack person. It comes with a G-Switch footswitch. Asking $100. I can add an ART X-12 MIDI footcontroller and MIDI cable for an additional $50 and an 2-space Anvil case for another $25. That would be $175 for the processor, case and a MIDI footcontroller. Not bad at all. Prices include shipping to Con US with PayPal gift (tons of references here).
  7. Unit is in great shape and works perfectly. Comes with a 15' MIDI cable and a power supply. $60 shipped or trade for a MXR Phase 90 (long shot, I know )
  8. Originally Posted by gutterking CS-9 for a Swollen Pickle mkII? It's got maybe an hour on it. I have a local sale pending on this pedal, the guy should stop by to pick it up tonight, but if he backs out of it, sure I will trade with you.
  9. EMG 81, 85 and HA for sale. They're all black and come with the quick connect cable but no pots or jack. $40 each.
  10. Originally Posted by cmunn1208 I'm really wanting/needing a head and I miss my Peavey Ultra Plus after getting rid of it and buying my 5150 II. Odd, right? But guys! I don't want to buy from Guitarcenter.com....so please give me a good response. There are two online that are $379.99 and $369.99. This would be with free shipping. So please give me something to where I could alleviate the differences. I need a good deal! Make me a great offer I can't refuse. I DON'T WANT TO BUY FROM GUITAR CENTER. {censored} them. I doubt you will find a better deal for this amp. Go for it. Keep in mind GC does not offer free shipping for used gear. But their shipping charges are normally low.
  11. holy {censored} if I was local to you I'd pick this up immediately. Randall XLs are my favorite cabs.
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