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  1. Never been an issue for me as I never drink shit like that. Subtitle: trying to improve the flavor of water, fucking lawlz.
  2. what about some white chickens?
  3. Originally Posted by Pepi Go away ha! never saw this one, good job pepi
  4. wtf dude of all the vids of strat toanz you pick that one to share?
  5. I mean, that's still a fine looking tele. It just needs to lose that dumb extra pickup
  6. yep had it wired so the tone p/p adds the neck pup to whatever is dialed in via the 5 way so I can get all 7 pickup combinations, including the classic tele bridge + neck toanz
  7. Middle pickup on a tele = {censored}ing stupid
  8. I know I'm being a snob here, but I think I want a real Fender. Don't you think a MIM Tele for $499 would be better than a Squier anyways? not really, the quality with both vary widely find either that have a good neck / play well to you, modify as required with after market stuffs to suit or snob out and get an entry level suhr tele
  9. a squire with a good neck tricked out with bare knuckles?
  10. isvoid

    Bugera amps

    mother fucking shit I thought this was a map forum
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