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  1. Lucius

    FS: Peavey XXX

    is this thing still around? Cheers, Lucius
  2. one of the greatest recto sounds I ever heard was from the rack mount version. Cheers, Lucius
  3. Bump, because HC was being a bitch! cheers, Lucius
  4. Hey Fred, I've busted all the third channel knobs on my Recto so now it is only a two channel. Do you want it! Cheers, Lucius NOTE: it is not actually broken
  5. Bump! this is a very ultra rare one of a kind recto! Buy it now! Cheers, Lucius NOTE: I can't confirm that it is actually rare or one of a kind
  6. It works perfectly, comes with footswitch and cover. It has a quarter sized rip in the tolex on the back top of the amp. Other than that it is in great shape. Pics to come tonight. $800 + Shipping/PP to cont USA or canada Cheers, Lucius NOTE: don't contact me if you don't have any HC references which I will check.
  7. And for anyone nervous about shipping: Puerto Rico is a US territory, so shipping to/from there doesn't involve customs and isn't any more expensive than shipping something coast-to-coast inside the CONUS. totally learned something new today. Cheers, Lucius
  8. This is the closests one I've found. Anyone else have a better one for sharing patches than this? http://www.digitech.com/soundcomm/guitar_list_patches.asp?productid=235 Cheers, Lucius
  9. How much is shipping to Victoria, BC V8X4K1. Cheers, Lucius
  10. killer power amp at a great price. I'd buy it if I the cash bump. Cheers, Lucius
  11. I have one and dig it. It replaced an entire rack of gear. Check out the vid I just did in my sig. I use the FCB1010 (last updated about 5 years ago not the UNO one) with no problems at all. It didn't take very long to set it up either. basically in Xedit just assign the controller # to the effect you want to control. Cheers, Lucius zfnQgEMqUOo
  12. Lucius

    peavey JSX

    Hey do a review of this vs the Ultra plus in the amp forum. Inquiring minds want to know. Cheers, Lucius
  13. Jesus, old thread bump batman?? Cheers, Lucius
  14. Damn nice price. Cheers, Lucius
  15. You'll regret getting rid of that ultra plus bump!! Cheers, Lucius
  16. {censored} do want bump! cheers, Lucius
  17. It is soooo pretty. {censored}ing buy it! Cheers, Lucius
  18. See Sig: Dual Recto with custom factory tolex, head cover and footswitch. $1000USD Shipped/pp'd to CONT US/Can Cheers, Lucius
  19. Lucius

    Peavey ultra plus

    that you tube piece is the sh#$. BTW the Clean is KILLER!! best reverb next to Fender I've ever heard! This will be my third ultra plus lol. I promise never to sell it again. Cheers, Lucius
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