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  1. Yeah, they are awesome guitars with a few upgrades. I love the feel of the reliced neck. Oh, and "IT'S MOORS!!!"
  2. Too bad about that abalone. The top on that is killer!!
  3. I once got hit on by a black guy. I was walking home from the store one time and an SUV pulls over beside me. I stopped because I thought it was just someone asking for directions (that happens all the time where I live, lots of tourists going through the area, ect..). He asks how I'm doing. I say fine and yourself? He says good, then asks if I would be terribly offended if he offers me a blowjob. I say yes, I would be offended and then bolted out of there After that, I NEVER stop when someone pulls over beside me :lol:
  4. That's my dream guitar right there. Too bad I don't have the funds. I'm surprised this hasn't sold yet as there's not too many of them around. Free bump!!
  5. Why would you want the Vintage over the Contemporary? By all accounts the Contemporary sounds waaaaay better.
  6. I'd say they handle detuned metal just fine...
  7. I'd say they handle detuned metal just fine...
  8. TGP is pretty uptight but those guys are serious about their Dumble's. Fixed
  9. {censored} it. I might just go all in and get the Strymon. It's really only $100 more and it would be the only effects pedal I use. Right now I have an EQ and that's it. It seems like it can cop some pretty good delay and chorus type stuff as well.
  10. When is that Supernatural coming out? Also, it seems only one place will carry it!?!?
  11. Thanks guys. The Digitech was another one I was looking at. So you would say it's better than the TC? I've really liked the TC stuff I've tried so far...
  12. I'm looking to grab myself a reverb pedal and am looking for recommendations. I was thinking of a TC HOF. Anyone have experience with that? What else is good in the $150-$200 range? Also, my only experience with reverb is with your basic tank reverb built into amps. Can most reverb pedals cop stuff like this (@ 1:18) ?: [video=youtube;b_qExV3qYr0] Thanks!!
  13. Looking to pick up a black 5153 100w that's not too beat up. Preferably from on the west coast so shipping isn't too much as those things are heavy beasts!!
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